Xbox Australia and New Zealand Giving Away 100,000 Microsoft Points

RipTen: Want enough Microsoft Points to buy yourself the newest Black Ops maps? Well unless you intend on mortgaging your house, this is the only way!

To celebrate reaching 100,000 fans on the Xbox Australia and New Zealand Facebook page, Microsoft is giving one lucky gamer the chance to win 100,000 Microsoft Points.

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CrzyFooL2919d ago

that's a lot of points. wtf is with that image lol.

jaredhart2919d ago

Gadzooks, that's alot of points!

Max_Dissatisfaction2919d ago

Microsoft's slogan should be:
Make. Money.
Give. You. Poor. People. Some.
It's a little long but I think it will catch on

jaredhart2919d ago

Kangaroos are Sex symbols in AUS. lol

SpaceSquirrel2919d ago

Nice giveaway. Too bad I don't live in Australia or New Zealand

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