Gamespot reviews Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction- 7.5

Over the course of five games the Ratchet & Clank franchise has crafted its own identity and a large following as well. It's odd, then, that the duo's first outing on the PlayStation 3 finds them facing an identity crisis of sorts. The game just can't decide what it wants to be. The story tries to be epic in its scope and appeal to an older audience, but the game is extremely easy and the story's premise is thin and the ending disappointing. The core gameplay of shooting and platforming is as solid as ever, but it's diluted by too many uninteresting minigames and unnecessary gameplay mechanics. Although these issues prevent the game from achieving the same high level as previous entries in the series, it's still a very good game.

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ngg123454066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

This game is significantly better then eye of judgement, or Beautiful Katamari. This is a disgrace, and an attack on insomniac. There was no reason this game should score this low.

Gamespot actually will lose its entire reputation based on this ludicrous review. It shows that they hate the ps3. This is worse then eternal sonata, and worse then ace combat 6 (which they gave an 8.5)? I have supported gamespot, and actually pay money to them. But I am officially cancelling my support to this site. Have fun, with being now known as an 'pro microsoft site'.

Jandre024066d ago

Lets start a movement. Gamespot = officially off PS3 owners lists? Bad reviews (even though this one is completely biased and wrong) will hurt PS3 sales, and in turn, cause devs to not develope good games for the PS3.

We cant support assholes like this who give bad reviews just cause they dont like the game. I say we all stop visiting that site/ spread the word.

D R Fz4066d ago

looking at his 7 full pages of previous game reviews, the highest score he's ever given to a game is an 8.8 for Call of Duty 3 on the 360, if that's the best game hes ever professionally played, you have to feel sorry for GameSpot.

the worst4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

microbuck$ got 2 them or
maybe they pay the rent
this month for them

xhi44066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

joking around that because 1up gave the lowest score of 8.5 that Gamespot would have to act all hard n give it an 8.


Comeon, Gamespot is officially dead to me. At this very moment I am emailing them telling them of my disgust that other games get better scores when Ratchet and Clank obviously deserves more than Eye of Judgment or Shooter.

This is absolutely disgraceful!

IGN Gave it a 9.4, Gamepro a 10/10, Games radar 5/5 another 10/10 i can't remember who it was, a 9 from game trailers etc. WAT THE HELL GAMESPOT!

This is an insult to gaming and gamers around the world, why the hell would anyone give a clearly AAA game a 7.5 when it's clear everyone else think its at LEAST a 9.

My god, are they for real?

Okay on their site they say.



Does anybody apart from me see a slight issue here? 'slight'!

Please follow me and email Gamespot informing them of your disgust! This is disgraceful!

[email protected] (about Arens incompetance)

ngg123454066d ago

was so ludidcrous and bias that there is no reason not to call out this editor and site. This site makes almost every other site look non bias.

The Brave 14066d ago

This is blasphemy at its worst i will never ever go to Gamespot website ever again..I swear.I wish i could go see the reviewer so i can knock him out cold

Kleptic4066d ago

I was hoping Jeff gerstmann would review it...He has been with Gamespot pretty much since the beginning, and is a pretty down to earth dude as far as being unbiased and stuff...the podcast really shows a lot as to who prefers what consoles...and Jeff is always the guy to not really pick sides...

as far as a 7.5...its an opinion so opinion obviously not shared by many so far...Gamespot and 1up always get regarded as biased towards the far as 1up, its sort of hard to deny at times...not the site in general, but just how retarded some of the writers over there are...Gamespot sort of suffers from the same thing...

I don't think the sites themselves are biased really...but this guy whines about issues that others noticed, yet deducts 2.5 points where others knocked .5 for them...just proves how silly the profession one should take these people seriously...

Kleptic4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

double broswer took a dump...

another thing that is so ridiculous about how these reviews are is that basically this makes R&C tools of destruction the worst title in the franchise...which absolutely no one can say is is definitely the best, yet Gamespot's crappy review setup would lead you to believe that this is the only one to stay away from...

wow Aaron Thomas...I think its time for you to be regarded as a total idiot...

ruibing4066d ago

This man did a single page review for a game that so many people have been looking forward to. It is really easy to see that he just wanted to get it over with. His summary is negative by itself. This is really the first time I've been this outraged at a review.

gamesR4fun4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

What a joke obviously these guys are either biased or bribed 2 bad gamespot had a nice layout but with crap reviewers F#@# em

edit: they just gave acecombat a freaking 9.5 after two paragraphs about how easy 90% of the game is and how much its like the old one..... xbots to the core or just addicted to easy M$ green.

eXplotion4066d ago

WOW System Wars was crazy bashing R&C reveiwer, there were like 10 locked threads per page.
Anyways I hope gamespot ROTS in hell its officially dead to me and I dont really care how they rate Uncharted those stupid Lemmings

Antiomo4066d ago

when they raved about perfect dark on xbox.

Im not going to go into detail but the gameplay was bland, graphics suck..... but the main reviewer kept raving about it. Even his facial reactions in the video review seemed artificial. paid incentives i guess

bluebrad19744066d ago

Although this score wasn't what sony fanboys wanted to hear, Gamespot is still the most accurate with their scores. They are excellent about not getting caught up by hype, and for looking at a game from a casual perspective.

ruibing4066d ago

I like Gamespot, too, but come on. A game like R&C deserves a much more comprehensive review, but instead it was a single page of explaining its faults. This game was not hyped up compared to Halo 3 or even Orange Box, but it was well known and was even spread by word of mouth. Here are my view of his negatives:

1) Since when was the R&C all that dependent on story, this was a solid attempt at it, and this reviewer was the only one who disregarded it. Other reviewers found it a bit light as well, but most found it compelling and genuine.
2) For someone who owns a Wii, he seems really against he various gameplays available. One of the highlights of the entire franchise was the well done mini-games. He obviously didn't like them either because hes sick of minigames or they were keeping him from finishing his game fast enough to do this tacked on review.
3) This is the only part where I would agree with him, but the old R&C weren't all that hard either. Other reviewers agree with him, but NONE took off so much for making it a bit easier. You can unlock a higher difficulty setting once you finish the game, so just go back and use the higher difficulty and explore the rest of the game.

I like how IGN tally their scores for each genre, I would really like to see his. It seems that he took off a wallop for gameplay only, since control, visual, and everything else were perfect. Was this the first platformers he reviewed? Shouldn't we get someone who actually like these games to review it? Or at least someone who has been known to give a review higher than 8.8? He single handly brought the avg metacritic down from 93 to 90. Bravo. Bravo.

marinelife94066d ago

Looks like 1up is officially off of the hook.

SinnerMark4066d ago

I always thought gamespot is a biased site. First they gave Resistance an 8.5 and gave Perfect dark a 9. Then they gave kameo an 8.5 and folklore a 7.5. Now this just pushed it. And I always noticed that their survey about the console war or something about Ps3 always goes negative for sony.

MADGameR4066d ago

Gamespot is a straight up Wii60 site. Gamestop is also full of Wii60 fanboys so its no surprised. Everytime I buy a PS brand game, they constantly try to tell me wtf to buy.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4066d ago

7.5 is f*cking ridiculous.

Gamespot is like the EA of videogame websites. They buy up all the valuble internet properties (eg, and all the valuble gaming URL's (eg,, and then they just shove their bias onto the internet population.

Gamespot ====> very little journalistic integrity

leon764066d ago

That is the MOST RIDICULOUS REVIEW SCORE I EVER SAW IN MY ENTIRE LIVE OF GAMER!!!!!! WTF this guys have in their heads????? with this review, they only prove how PARTIAL they are!!!!how ign gives 9.4, yes you read it:9.4 and other sites gave this game 9-10 reviews, and this sh*ty site gave 7.5???? are this guys crazy??? what game this guys played after all???? Screw you gamespot!!!! i'll never visit this site never more!!!!

MK_Red4065d ago

"They have gone too far gamespot"
Agreed. Bubbles for you.
GameSpot has lost the traffic battle to IGN and now they're just trying to get more traffic and looking like a true attention seeking whore like Jack Thompson. They should change their name to GameThompson and JackSpot because both are attention whores.

MANTIIS4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

I saw this review before coming to N4G tonight. Needless to say, I posted an expressively pee'd off comment for all of them. Its funny, IGN gave the game a 9.4, and 4 other sites, and a bunch of magazines gave the game nothing lower than a 9. I think this process of elimination finds the "new official microsoft 360 website" , AKA-Gamespot.Gamespot sucks.

RealityCheck4065d ago

I agree with your comment but to tell you the truth I had reached that conclusion long ago and stopped frequenting both Gamespot (which used to be my start page) and AVS Forums.

I own all the console last generation and this generation too. I like games period. I don't want to visit the sites of each console, I want one site that covers all of them equally. Gamespot was ok last generation, this generations (the months leading to the PS3 launch) they took a turn for the worst and became 360 biased. I stopped using them and never went back.

Each console should have their own reviewers and each gaming genre should be reviewed by people that like that genre. Unless they have truly impartial reviewers (rare but possible). If somebody is an FPS or RPG fanatic, I don't care what they think of a platformer and vice-versa. If a reviewer can't stand the Wii or PS3, I don't want to hear\read their biased bashing of their games.

VendettaWFT4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

I just don't get why they have some guy write a review about a big game like this when the best thing he's ever reviewed was Call of Duty 3...and like every other cookie cutter sports game available...I just don't get how this review could be so far off the mark of all the other astounding reviews this game was getting. The guy should write an editorial piece or something because this doesn't fit at all

Evilninja4065d ago


Not that I agree with the score, but... isn't disliking a game the main reason to give it a bad review? Wouldn't it be dishonest to give a good review to a game you don't like?

Evil0Angel4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

all this girls crying.

NO REASON TO BUY PS3 THIS REASON .unfortunatuly i bought one (thought UT3 comin this year).it sucksssssss.if you have 360 , than it is all you need

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Chris_GTR14066d ago

dont jump to conclusions. thats exactly what u said when they gave lair 6s and 5s.

ngg123454066d ago

Edge gave it a 8(lowest score), which is the best for a R&C game. And now gamespot gives this game a 7.5. Worse then the psp version.

ATLRoAcH4066d ago

Do not compare this to lair.So far almost every score for R & C has been perfect or damn near.This is a great game read the other scores this is not a fair score but its still not low.Don't compare it to lair.

ShiftyLookingCow4066d ago

Lair was a totally different game

Hatchetforce4066d ago

Gamespot does this to increase traffic on their site because they know people will have to go see why they didn't like game 'X'. They do it and they do it across all platforms.

LeonSKennedy4Life4066d ago

Apart from the controls, what was so bad about Lair? The graphics were beautiful, the gameplay was pretty unique and fun, the storyline was amazing and deep...

Why the trash?

neogeo4066d ago

I have not hit a boss yet, but even if i pick apart ever little think wrong I could never give it lower then and 8.5

this is like saying that a Ferrie F50 is a slow crappy car. its just not possible.

dragunrising4065d ago

Sorry to dissapoint all the fanboys but the average review score by metacritic (16 reviews averaged) is 89%. Not everyone agrees that Ratchet and Clank deserves a 95 percent. No one is going to take gamers seriously if there are so many idiots up in arms about 2 lower than average(89%)review scores. If everyone thought the game was perfect, so be it, but to ignore any flaws is ridiculous. Plus, the review that counts the most is your own. On that note, it is not very objective to say a game is perfect and not mention anything worth improving. Bravo, to Gamespot for having the courage to post a review they thought was fair....Freedom of Speech is wonderful after all:-)

For everyone that doesn't believe me. Check out metacritic:

Dpa4065d ago

Um, theres a pretty big difference between 89% or 8.9/10 and 7.5/10. No one would have complained if this game would have been given an 8.9 or an 8.5

This is the same as Calling all Cars, gamespot just launches a personal attack on it nitpicking every fault. They reviewed CaC as if it was a full $60 game.

dragunrising4065d ago

I agree that 75% looks wrong considering the next lowest score is 80% and then 85% respectively. However, even the best games are not recognized as such by everyone. As soon as the PS3 comes out (at the $400 mark) I will be picking up this game to own. I agree the review was all about nitpicking and less about the fun factor of the game. I still do not hold it against anyone to write out their opinion and neither should anyone else.

In summary:
Ratchet and Clank= must own
Game is not perfect
Game is fun as hell
Everyone has their own opinion

Daishi4065d ago

I agree with you blindfromthesun. To me all this review signifies is that if you didn't like Rachet and Clank before you probably won't now, but as far as those that enjoy the series your gonna have a hell of a time. I remember when LoZ Ocarina of Time got an 8.5 from a Nintendo Power reviewer and everybody got so upset. Not everyone will like this game, given this guy did give the worst game in CoD history a good score, but still keep an open perspective.

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tocrazed4you4066d ago

NOW A FREAKAIN 7.5 HERE ON GAMESPOT? THis goes to show you how bias gamespot is towards cows even everyone else can admit it SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS CAN ADMIT IT

drtysouf214066d ago

Its almost so ludicrous that it makes you wonder if they reviewed the wrong game.

Because of their score it just dropped the metacritic rating from a 93 to a 90.

Add 1up and Gamespot to my "Never Going To That Site" list.

socomnick4065d ago

wow guys relax its a review If you liked the game buy it. Does it matter if it got low ratings. Lair got low ratings and people bought it.
Just enjoy your games and stop throwing tantrums god you sony fanboys just whine so much makes me wonder if you are all 12.

dfcm20034066d ago

How does a game get a 7.5 when its been averaging 9.4? LOL, I wonder if this, is a lets take down this game, its getting a better average then Halo 3. HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMM.........

Anyways, We knew this would happen, there seems to be 2 sites that just hate all PS3 games......

dfcm20034066d ago

lol, Iv already got a disagree... Xbotssssss

wageslave4066d ago

That is the way that "averages" work. No need to invent fantasy conspiracies.

This review is about Ratchet and Clank getting 7.5 / 10 -- no need to get crazy.

mesh14065d ago

how can u give a game like this that is xtremely easy no enemey a.i/ and has no true mature stoy lin a 9 i hope other game mags give it lower than gamepsot as it does not deserve AAA onl reason its getting good marks is becuase its the best game on the ps3 reviews shud not jugde it liek that compare it to other games on other console this game i will never buy.

Shankle4065d ago

You have very clearly never played any ratchet and clank games. A game doesn't have to be hard to be fun. Where is the problem in not having to repeat the same sequence again and again until you get it right? Which is better, satisfaction or frustration? Ratchet games are fun. They're not scary, they're not tough, they're fun. That's why people like them. You're missing out.
And if you need to be challenged and don't have any other games, TURN UP THE DIFFICULTY.

Sylo4065d ago

Turn up the difficulty? Isn't that the same excuse people said about Halo 3 being too easy? And didn't people say that it shouldn't be like that?

Anyway, 7.5 is ridiculous. Easy or not, this game deserved better...

XxZxX4065d ago

they only dare to do this on Resistance, Zelda and Ratchet and Clank.

they don't even dare to touch HALO 3... If they really wanted to be that critical, i dont see they tried that on HALO, it will generate more traffic that way. Just a bunch of loser, hiding behind M$

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