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Another Dynasty Warriors game, giving us exactly what is expected from the series. Fans of the not-so-historical games will be happy, but the rest of the world will find the same repeating gameplay and dated mechanics they avoided last time.

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MattS2922d ago


You do realise that for the most part, the Warriors games are historically accurate in terms of plot and characterisation?

Simon_Brezhnev2922d ago

Yep its accurate but i hate Lu Bei the so called hero that uses human shields to run away lol. I also hate Sun Quan since he such a coward. I like Cao Cao i hate how history shows him as a villain i see it as this he did what has 2 be done.

DatNJDom812922d ago

Horrible review is horrible. I just platinumed the game. Loved the hell out of it. This guy clearly didn't like the game even before he played it. I really don't understand why reviewers do that.

zeal0us2922d ago

"but it pairs that with the idea that during wars millions of soldiers were killed each day by one old guy with a stick."

every video game genre has done this at this some point even the ones that suppose to be historically accurate/base on past events.

I always find it weird when reviewers complain about how its the same old thing as the last one but go give games like cod some superior score. Cod really haven't change that much, different story(some) and almost same weapons depending what era your playing.

Chapulin2922d ago

I got the game and I'm loving it.