Ace Combat 6 review (Gamespot)

Gamespots review for Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

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ASSASSYN 36o4016d ago

Save replays that makes it gold to me. I can't wait to get this game friday.

tplarkin74016d ago

I didn't know about that. However, I was going to buy it because it looks amazingly real and the planes are cool. Bonus!

AyeKay474016d ago

It's official. Ace Combat > Ratchet & Clank according to Gamespot.

the worst4016d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

warhawk > Ace Combat + halo3
ps3 > lagbox
psn > xbl=xboxlag

ruibing4016d ago

Well, this review makes sense since it is around the avg of other critics.

macsto4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

@ the worst

Halo 3> warhawk + everything?

Panthers4015d ago

Gamespot is retarded. I am sure Ace Combat is a great game, but to give R&C a 7 is hilarious while they give Ace Combat a 8.5.

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remix4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

anyway this game is coming to ps3.

hold up. now you guys want to look at ONE REVIEW. before you guys were AVERAGING THINGS........................ ................WHAT HAPPENED??????

pathetic............really pathetic

@below. lets not forget halo got a 7.5 in one review too but i bet that doesnt count right

AyeKay474016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

no, 8.5 is a great score for a game that wasnt hyped up that much as a AAA game. 7.5 is a flop for one that is :)

Edit @ above

But was it gamespot? :o)

nobizlikesnowbiz4016d ago

Where did you read that this game is going multiplat?

Everything I've seen confirms that it's an Xbox exlusive.

Links please.

KingME4016d ago

Well, one things for sure. Gamespot like this game better than they did Ratchet and Clank. :)

antoinetm4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

They probably gave it +0.5 cause its not on ps3

tho i wish it was on ps3 :(

wicked4015d ago

Just go and get an xbox, then it doen't mater what platform the game comes out on...

unlimited4016d ago

oh no a bunch of retards is tryin to review the game..since on the 360 it will score not even bother to go to their

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The story is too old to be commented.