Kinect Googly Eyes and Tetris Party Challenge Spotted

Having revealed 3 new Xbox 360 titles last week, Crimson Alliance, Fusion Genesis and Kinect Me, Australia's Classifications Board has today revealed two new Xbox 360 titles -- Kinect Googly Eyes and Tetris Party Challenge.

Again, there is no further information about either title. Tetris Party Challenge is from developer Hudson Soft, who previously released Tetris Party for the Wii and DS to huge critical acclaim.

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Bigpappy2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Kinect me sounds like it will be the interface used to Kinect with skype users.

I want to see how they implement Tetris Party. This could be the start of some board game coming to Kinect. I can now sit 2 feet away from Kinect and controll the dash and Netflex. This is interesting to watch.

@bumatt: It will happen, but not the way Move is implemented. The Move has buttons and is a pointing device. Kinect will have limited uses in controller based games and will only add to the controller, not replace it.

Kinect implementations will take a lot of time because they have not been done before and you need to have them done right the first time out if possible. I don't know what M$ will deliver at E3, but I am curious and excited to see.

blumatt2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

This is cool and all for the casual gamers, but what about us hardcore gamers?? Do like Sony and allow Kinect support in your hardcore games like Halo or Gears. Sony has tons of Move-supported first party titles. Kinect has potential if they'd open it up for hardcore games too.

NoobJobz2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Kinect googly eyes. Sounds kinky.

Adva2923d ago

3 hardcore Kinect titles confirmed!!!