Microsoft playing Nintendo's game?

From CNET:

"With Microsoft's announcement of the Xbox 360 Arcade, the anticipated device looks to be changing how Xbox targets consumers. And while I applaud Microsoft for making the jump to children's games and attempting to attract the all-too-evasive "non-traditional gamer," isn't it playing a game that Nintendo already knows the secret to? And if so, is Microsoft barking up the wrong tree?

It may surprise you, but the answer is simply no. Microsoft is on to something with this new focus..." More within...

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RiceFiend4065d ago

Microsoft will always be a follower and never a leader.

AngryTypingGuy4064d ago

Wow, Microsoft sure is aggressive for being a follower.

Seriously, Microsoft caters to the hardcore gamers, but what's wrong with trying to increase your fanbase? What makes them a follower? Is it because they got into the industry after the other two? I don't think that makes them a follower. Sony has been known to borrow an idea or two.

If Microsoft is investing all this money in the 360, I can't think of a good reason not to pursue audiences of all ages, can you?

TheMART4064d ago

Ah right. That's why the XBOX 1 has changed the industry that much, right?

That's why introducing Xbox Live has changed the way of console gaming. That's why with 360 Live they took it further and the PS3 is still trying to catch up... Right?

It seems Sony is following this time around.

Leg-End4064d ago

the question is, what IS the question?

Bubble Buddy4064d ago

all companies steal from each other. thats how the industry works.

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Rooftrellen4065d ago

"Microsoft is on to something with this new focus and whether or not you are a Nintendo zealot to the end, you need to realize that Microsoft may start attracting the younger crowd more effectively than you think."

Getting the kids is easy. You have to get the parents, too.

That's not easy with the reputation MS has.

"Microsoft wants to attract consumers by offering well known franchises and providing the new gaming crowd with a host of fun and entertaining games. On the other hand, Nintendo's main selling point this time around is its hardware."

Confused much? Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Metroid...that's well known. Halo is a fledgling game, and MS has all fledgling IPs, not well know franchises.

MS has the more powerful hardware to try to pull in the casual with multiple features, not just games.

Another blog by another person who knows not of which he speaks?

RiceFiend4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

I meant what I meant; Microsoft tends to leech off of ideas from the success of other companies, or when it really does lead in a field, it's only because it has monopolized it(which is not technically considered leading). Allow me to provide the facts and analysis. In the wake of the Google's success in becoming the world's most popular search engine, Microsoft created their their own search engine dubbed MSN Search Engine. With Apple's runaway success with iPod, Microsoft decided to join in with their Zune MP3 players. Now with Nintendo's immense success in attracting a non-traditional gamer audience, Microsoft apts to do the same. I don't blame Microsoft for trying; as we all know that all enterprises and companies are driven by profit.

Given the trend, Microsoft probably would continue their trend of accentuating on hardcore, traditional gamers were it not for the competition asserted by Nintendo. It's no surprise that when Microsoft saw how effective Nintendo's gaming market strategy was, they decided to immitate Nintendo. This "new focus" however you see it, is really just a masked reiteration of Nintendo's strategy and not something new. Consider Nintendo a catalyst of the gaming market as opposed to the tried-and-true strategy that Microsoft utilizes(innovation vs. tradition).

gogators4064d ago

then you'll only end up getting buried. It's way to hard to be successful and single minded. If this is how MS feels they can be competitive with the Wii, then go for it. It doesn't hurt me any and can only help if developers see a larger install base.

RiceFiend4064d ago

I'm all for Microsoft trying to adapt to a successful idea. However, credit must be given where due.

wil4hire4064d ago

Let little johnny play Halo3 with some of the locals. See how quickly his ears are covered.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4064d ago

i guess adding Blue clues, dora,and all the other kid shows along with the disney movies isnt family?

ActionBastard4064d ago

I thought the 360 was about games. Why focus on children's shows?

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