Destructoid Review: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

"The Witcher was an interesting little game, at once strangely compelling and pointlessly tiring. It had serious potential, but the slow pace and backtracking held it back. Still, it was something of a triumph, especially for Polish game development.

With The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, CD Projekt Red has another chance to prove itself, an opportunity to build upon the promise of the original and deliver something spectacular.

Or it could just make most of the same mistakes again while adding some new ones to the mix. These things can always go either way."

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''My biggest problem is that the rewards are disproportionately small compared to the immense struggle it takes to enjoy the game -- a struggle in which Assasins of Kings will fight you every step of the way.'' REALLY?? man..

i got 99 problems but the witcher 2 aint one!

morganfell2921d ago

Agreed. I smell a DA fanboy writing this review.

Active Reload2921d ago

Ah, Jim Sterling, never the one to be considered "vanilla", lol.

evrfighter12921d ago

I like sterling but a troll is a troll is a troll is a troll.

A shame his hit piece is going to discredit it's meta. Like someone else said he's not even trying to hide it. The only purpose for this article is for hits and hits alone.

If you see it for what it is it shouldn't bother you. I mean we all know what sterling is about. He's the original hhg. At this point we should know by now to take his reviews with a microscopic grain of salt

sack_boi2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Is it true that this guy gave Sh1t Age 2 a better score?

Now come on, he's not even trying to hide it anymore, he's openly trolling now.


I've played Shi.. err.. Dragon Age 2 and I've been playing The Witcher 2 since Friday. The Witcher 2 is definitely better.

joydestroy2921d ago

i played a good bit of DA2. i'm somewhere in Act 2. stopped playing it a while ago and moved on to something else.

the Witcher2 is down right addicting to play in comparison. i'm sorry to say this, but i think it's the better RPG.

OhMyGandhi2921d ago

did you just say Sh1t Age 2?

Raider692921d ago

What did you expected from a guy that haves DW 3 has is reference game lol.This guy simply does not like RPG's.He dont want to think.

reznik_zerosum2921d ago

dont ever forget - PcGamer : Dragon Age 2 - 94%
Witcher 2 - 89%

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joydestroy2921d ago

destructiod fails again lol
a 6/10 is simply ludicrous. game deserves nothing less than a 9. this is all opinion, of course, but i'm pretty positive that any gamer who's played this wouldn't give it a score of 6/10

Raider692921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

From a guy that haves DW3 has a reference game what do people expect.This guy its a joke and simply does not like RPG and the thinking required to play them. JIM I guess CDP will not send you a review copy of Witcher 3!

GameGambits2921d ago

It should seriously be illegal that he can make outlandish, made up, and insane bull shit like this. This isn't even an opinion piece or a review---it's trolling and garnering for hits and nothing more.

The worst part about it is that in this industry, since it's so young, this jack ass is given attention, where if it was the movie or music industry no one would blink an eye.

Guys like Jim Sterling are holding any journalistic integrity within the game industry to be taken seriously. This douchebag is a turd that needs to get flushed.

starchild2921d ago

The best RPG I have ever played deserves a 6? Sorry, but no way.

IF Jim Sterling didn't have such a history of this kind of thing then it wouldn't really bother me, but it's just ridiculous and sad.

Organization XII2920d ago

Jim is a PC hating fanboy, what do you expect from a fat attention troll! <- SEE what I did there !!

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Neckbear2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Honestly, his review is pretty valid.

God forbid he actually points out the game's flaws!

shayol33t2921d ago

Yeah except he points at the proverbial elephant and says it has stripes. Clearly not true.

Wolfie2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Terrible review! They gave DA2 7/10! The Witcher 2 is miles better than DA2! Better story, graphics, gameplay, characters, combat system, more open world, doesn't feel rushed and downgraded! The Witcher 2 is the one of the best games i played this year! Seriously, a must buy not only for RPG fans but for players who loves mature games with a great story! Any The Witcher 2 review with the score below 8.5 is BS! Go Poland!

LOGICWINS2921d ago

YAY! Lets attack other people for having opinions different than our own =D

Wolfie2921d ago

i'm not attackin anyone you freak, oh wait...

cyborg2921d ago

we're just saying his review is terrible and isn't something which we believe the game to be. He has his own opinion and that's fine but it's completely another story that it's equivalent to trolling and doesn't account for the actual experience derived from the game.

And I would like to end up my comment with what I had stated once before.


Mystickay862921d ago

But Destructoid's opinion sucks regarding witcher 2 review.

Jacks_Medulla2921d ago

The thing is, this isn't his opinion; Jim Sterling is known for baiting hits by giving games disproportionately low scores. The Witcher 2 deserves far more than a 6; just as Assassin's Creed 2 deserved far more than a 4.5. I don't enjoy the Assassin's Creed games, but I concede that they are well made games games that give a person a lot of bang for their buck. Jim Sterling is a troll and a poor excuse for a game journalist, and anybody who takes his reviews seriously is an idiot.

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wallis2921d ago

Better than a 6/10. Much much much much much better than 6/10.

reznik_zerosum2921d ago

best rpg since Planescape:Torment

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