RUMOUR - Super Smash Bros. Strife to be shown at E3?

A report from Great Gaming Crusade claims that ‘Nintendo will be showing off the next Super Smash Bros. game at this year’s E3′. That’s it. Every Nintendo console since the 64 has had a Super Smash Bros. game shown before its launch, so it’s entirely feasible, and now we have a logo...

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Cardenjs2920d ago

dont know if i want it for the wii or cafe

Hide_and_Geek2920d ago

Café launch game would be nice!

NukaCola2919d ago

And this time do it right with the online. I would spend 100s on DLC in Smash if it was up to par with the other consoles. new characters, levels, etc. They have the opportunity to dothis game true justice. Here's hoping.

Shok2920d ago

As if their conference wouldn't be epic enough. If they were to show the 4th Smash Bros that'll be colossal.

L6RD7BLU32919d ago

P_P You can here the nerdgasim's now lol can't wait for the 4th installment.

iMaim2920d ago

new ssb to include cloud strife as well.

soren2919d ago

can can cloud be on it? when he was never really on a nintendo system

DaBadGuy2919d ago

Yes please, for Cafe and 3DS perhaps?

If Cafe launched with this, then its a day 1 buy for sure.

Buff10442919d ago

Super Smash Bros. Strife seems like a silly title, but I am all for a new game in the series.

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The story is too old to be commented.