Gears of War 3 Preorder Skins got Revealed

Check out the skins and decide which store you will choose to buy your copy of the game

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Active Reload2924d ago

This is some bullsh*t! I don't like that they're splintering the product like this, especially when I--like you, want all of them. I'm pissed, they shouldn't do this to fans! End:rant

MiloGarret2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

So much agree.

The only way I'd be ok with something like this is if all they did was give you early access to the stuff. Like in BFBC2 or Crysis 2 where some players had certain unlocks from day one and everyone else had to earn them.

The Matrix2924d ago

1. Yes, it's messed up how pre-order bonuses are spread around so much.
2. You can obtain them all buy buying the game from each store and returning it. ;) Hard work but I've had to do it in the past.
3. Hopefully (but unlikely) they will be released onto XBLA.

BLAKHOODe2924d ago

Agreed. I'm okay with retailers having an exclusive DLC as a preorder bonus, AS LONG AS that same DLC is made available to EVERYONE soon after for a LOW price. Thing is, they rarely ever say rather or not the DLC WILL be available to everyone. Only game I've heard beforehand that the preorder DLC would be made available to everyone is with LA Noire. Hopefully, EPIC does the same.

I have the game preordered at GameStop (US).. wonder what the bonus will be there.

The Matrix2924d ago

Agreed Blakhood. The only problem is that if the skins will be released as DLC there is very little incentive to pre order the game from those retailers.

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Rybakov2924d ago

are they gonna be like gears 2 where you get the skins and EVERYONE has them but you get bashed if you use stupid....but the skins are pretty neat this time around

IHateYouFanboys2924d ago

im not happy that im paying AU$200 for the epic edition of Gears 3 and i dont get ANY of these.

jdktech20102924d ago

20 dollar credit + whatever skin they have is good enough for me to get it from helps it's the best skin imo

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