Final Level Tries Out Red Faction This Thursday- We Need You

This Thursday 26th May, we will be heading to London to try out the new Red Faction: Armaggedon by Volition, we will get to try out the game along-side Jameson Durrall and David Abzug two lead designers two of Volitions Senior Designers, any questions that we want to ask will be answered by these guys, and this is where you, the readers come into play.

We at Final Level will have our questions that we want to ask, but Final Level isn’t about us it’s about you, if you have anything you want to ask us this is who you can do it, any questions asked will then be posted along-side the article on the day.

You can either comment with your question at the bottom of this article, on our twitter, facebook or email Josh at [email protected], all questions will be asked.

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