Blu-ray Outsells HD-DVD In U.S. For First 9 Months

Reuters Information Week Reports:

Blu-ray DVD titles outsold rival HD-DVD titles by almost 2-to-1 in the first nine months of the year, but analysts expect additional HD-DVD support and new hit releases to "transform" the high-definition DVD battle score in the fourth quarter.

Home Media Research, a division of Home Media Magazine, said Tuesday total U.S. sales of Blu-ray discs, using a Sony-backed technology, totaled 2.6 million units from Jan. 1 through Sept 30, versus 1.4 million HD-DVD discs sold.

Gerry Kaufhold, analyst with In-Stat research firm, believes newly released HD-DVD titles with new advanced Web-enabled features, such as Paramount's "Transformers", will help the HD-DVD camp in the fourth quarter.

Tom Adams, president of Adams Media Research, also said the 18-month period of exclusivity for HD-DVDs by Paramount and DreamWorks should strengthen HD-DVD's hand this quarter.

"This definitely smooths out the edge that Blu-ray had in exclusive titles and it very much strengthens HD-DVD's hand in the fourth quarter," he said, but still expects Blu-ray will lead for the year overall.

Adams predicts that for 2007 overall, consumers will spend $186 million purchasing Blu-ray discs, versus $91 million for HD-DVD.

Since both formats launched in the spring of 2006, an estimated 4.98 million high-definition discs have been sold, including 3.01 million in Blu-ray and 1.97 million in HD-DVD through the end of September, according to Home Media.

One big factor giving Blu-ray an edge has been the popularity of Sony's PlayStation 3 game consoles, which also include a Blu-ray disc drive.

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wil4hire4013d ago

Again.. with the HD-DVD death.

progx4013d ago

If thats what you got out of the article then you must be illiterate.

hahahabutt4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Blu-Ray and HD-DVD will co-exist. The gap between the 2 is not super huge. and also I own Transformers for Hd-dvd, bought it today. and you got to be stupid to wait 2 years for it to come to blu-ray, and that's if it even does at that. My opinion, if you dont have either format. Dont make a opinion on which format will win, cuz its obvious you won't make a difference. I know I will since I buy Hd movies. In the end I will enjoy both formats. I prefer Hd-dvd for the somple fact of the online features it had (HDi) and anyone who owns both formats would agree that HD-dvd is a better format. (if it was not for the PS3, blu ray would not be anywhere near what it is today.

Fan Tastic4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Brilliant Bribe by Micro$oft and Toshita.

Imagine where this war would be without that Bribe. MS is just stalling this war as long as they can in hope of their $hitty VOD services taking over.

cuco334013d ago

to Disney/Fox/etc to go proBD and Para/DW/Warner to leave HD DVD exclusivity by going neutral, having 10 times the players and STILL not being able to take the better format out?!

simple. not everyone wants a game console as their player of choice no matter how good it is.

embrace both. be a movie fanboy, not a format fanboy

drtysouf214013d ago

went Blu-ray exclusive. I wonder how Spiderman 3 and Spiderman Trilogy on Blu-ray will do next week.

PimpHandHappy4013d ago

will sell and i think the PS3 will also

Primetimebt4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

Just went to my local wal mart and they started carrying Blu ray and HD DVD. There is only one problem there is only 10 HD DVD movies compare to like 50 Blu Ray movies. If anyone cares the Blu Ray movies at walmart are only $25 not sure about HD DVD there was just too much blu sticking out at me. Bye, bye amazon, and best buy hello wal mart. Wal Mart isn't stupid they know where the money is coming from.

xplosneer4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

My Wal Mart carries 1 Blu Ray and 1 HDDVD at a time. If all of them would get on this....maybe we could get one winning format after all....

Anyways whatever article just a sum up of all the "Blu Ray beats HDDVD" articles this year.

Edit: oh darn it lost a bubble.

Primetimebt4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

If I were you I would go check your Wal Mart, sh*t my wal mart is very small and I didn't see them there last week.

hahahabutt4013d ago

They barely had any shelf space for Hd-dvd movies when i use to go to my kissimmee, FL best buy. They had mostly blu-ray every where. Now they are even and it makes me proud to see that.

sak5004013d ago

Sound familar. Hmm like Ps3 and 360. I go and see in shops hundreds of 360 games and 20-30 Ps3 titles. So does it mean ps3 is doomed?

Primetimebt4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

There is only one little problem in your comparison.. This is a format war not game title war. Everyone knows the PS3 will get it's games. Also wasn't HD DVD out longer? Shouldn't they have more movie space for movies? I don't care, and looking at nearly every store in america they don't care either if both format has same amount of movie what it comes down to is who is selling more disk. It's plain and simple to see Blu Ray has the advantage and stores know that and it's not about who sold the most stand alone player because any retailers will tell you that make very little profit on players it's disk sales where they make the most of there money.

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