Exclusive Uncharted:Drakes Fortune Video

If they weren't so happy bringing you exclusive deals and info at GameStop, they might pursue other careers, like driving from town to town in a van and solving mysteries, or enrolling in rodeo-clown college. Anyway heres an Uncharted:Drakes Fortune video exclusive to Game Stop.

Would embed the video but they want to keep it exclusive (no code)

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Real gamer 4 life5458d ago

So what do you guys think about it?

Ju5457d ago

I propose a change of the rating system. There is no way that game can get a 10, its so above all these 10s lately. So, I would propose increase it to 12 to give Uncharted a fair chance. But, then, maybe I'm just a graphics whore.

doomsonyman5458d ago

i think that htis game is freaking amazing and will most likely aget 10 out of 10's it has to many great elements platforming stop and pop run and gun jeep chaces water jet ski moments. yep this game will be a true classic a game that will be rememberd for years to come

junk565457d ago

naughty dog and insomniac are one of the best developers in the entire industry.
they're like valve, blizzard and bioware. just keep crapping out gold

demolitionX5457d ago

gamespot will give it 8.0! it's sad but true! in my eyes it scores 10/10

AngryHippo5457d ago

....this game should get a 10/10. I have been amazing how this game has improved since E3. This is easily my most anticipated title this year on any system.