PCGamer- Prey 2 Preview

PCGamer: "The first Prey was about Tommy, an American-Indian man fighting his alien abductors using portals and out-of-body experiences. It only makes sense that its sequel should be an open-world alien noir about a freerunning bounty hunter who looks like the result of a night of passion between Commander Shepard and a beanie.

The bounty hunter is the terribly named Killian Samuels, a US Marshall abducted from a passenger jet mid-flight in the same incident as Tommy. While Tommy fights back, eventually destroying the sphere that swallowed him, Killian is knocked unconscious by his captors. The game then skips forward several years. In that time, Killian has become a tracker of scum and villainy on an alien planet named Exodus, but has no idea how he got there."

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TheLastGuardian20102925d ago

This is in my top 10 for next year. can't wait.