Q&A: Everyday Shooter creator Jonathan Mak

The indie developer behind Sony's latest downloadable PlayStation 3 game talks about his indie hit, from its start as a puzzler to levels that didn't make the cut.

Although Microsoft was the first of the console makers to the downloadable gaming party, Sony is trying to make its own entrance into the market stand out. In addition to retail-caliber games such as Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online and Warhawk, the PlayStation Network is building a portfolio of distinct games culled from the indie-development scene, such as fl0w and Everyday Shooter.

Released earlier this month, Everyday Shooter is the console debut for the one-man studio Queasy Games, also known as Jonathan Mak. An unapologetically "arty" take on the resurgent dual-analog-stick shooter formula, Everyday Shooter is a conceptual album of abstract shooting games. Each level of the game is a different song, with its own unique enemies and combo chaining rules, and each dispatched adversary explodes into a new beat of the interactive soundtrack. Mak took time out to speak with GameSpot about the process of making Everyday Shooter, as well as what tomorrow brings.

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pilotpistolpete4110d ago

This game is awesome and for 10$ you can't go wrong.

feejo4110d ago

great, but did he get a dev kit, what software he used?