Microsoft Tries to Gag SmartHouse over Xbox Failure Rate Claims

SmartHouse's David Richards claims that Xbox Australia director David McLean (pictured) is attempting to gag SmartHouse that earlier this year exposed a 30-percent failure rate of the Xbox 360. Only weeks after SmartHouse exposed the story, Microsoft made a $1.3 billion dollar allowance for defective Xbox 360's.

As previously noted in a disclaimer for the rumor of "Toshiba Working with Microsoft on New Entertainment Xbox", some sources reported that Richards may have some credibility issue. Please see Alternative Sources. (Which means you should read his claims with a fair degree of skepticism.)


The source article requires (free) registration. The full article is reposted in forums. See alternative sources below, i.e., the third link.

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razer4106d ago

Get this approved ASAP Sony fand!cks.

Why talk about positive gaming when you spend your nerdy lives digging for POS articles like this one..

There is no substance to this article at all..

Enigma_20994106d ago

can't even wait for them to start complaining ... you gotta bait em in, then complain when they show up and start talking...

mesh14105d ago

black people everywhere of which i am 1 dont buy yhe ps3 as look Microsoft is giving jobs to us look at that guys picture he is in a high position
ive never seen a black man work or giving a high placed job buy sony they seem to love giving white people jobs P.s not racist just stating the facts.

Enigma_20994078d ago

... from one black man to another, lemme say... that's racist...

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D R Fz4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

It's a good thing those who said the failure rate was nothing more than a myth did not have their way because then a whole lot more people would have been stuck with broken consoles. Even though mine still works 100%, i know i have the warranty to look forward to if anything was to happen.

Like the MTA in New York advertises on the subway lines:

"If you see something, say something."

Spike474106d ago

are always the first to post a flame on the ps3.

snoop_dizzle4106d ago

have you met nasim yet?

both sides can be pretty annoying

ironwolf4106d ago

Why would a Sony ho post a flame on a PS3 article?

Ri0tSquad4106d ago

M$ has a 3 year warranty with this = problem solved.

Real gamer 4 life4106d ago

I agree with you and plus everybody knows that microsoft system has a high failure rate.

SJL4804106d ago

Some people think that a three year warranty actually "solves" the problem and some people just misspeak on what they mean but regardless what happens when the console acts up after the warranty. I usually buy at launch and keep my system until it's cycle ends. I own a ps3 and recently purchased an elite so I'm not trying to be bias but a warranty wouldn't stop the fact that I had to wait for it to be fixed.

WafflesID4106d ago

Exactly, the RROD was REALLY bad situation, but it looks like the actual flaw has been fixed.

That's not to say that 100% of the repaired xbox360s that come back are going to be perfect, there is a difference between taking a used system and retrofitting it with the fix vs manufacturing a new console with the fix implemented.

MS got extremely lucky with this. If the PS3 had a library of titles that was equal to the 360 then the 360 would be dead. Instead you get people putting up with 10 replacements because the games were good enough to warrant putting up with 10 replacements (ok well thats an extreme example. I'd probably put up with 3 replacements and then head to gamestop to trade in all my 360 games if the 4th one was bad, luckily both 360s I've owned performed flawlessly).

And once again, the only people who care about the RROD these days are the sony fanboys.

djevolve4106d ago

I never had a problem but I did trade in my premium for a elite at walmart with no problem just went and got a new elite for 50 more dollars..

WafflesID4106d ago

I had my 360 premium for almost a year and then traded it in for a 360 elite.

Absolutely no problems with my premium (in fact I told the guy at the store "My premium has been running like a champ for almost a year, if this elite Red rings I'm gonna be pissed" which got a good laugh from him.) I just wanted the HDMI because I was getting an Onkyo 805 receiver and needed the component for other devices.

None of my friends local to me have had any problems with their 360s either.

It's not rare, but it is DEFINATELY not as rampant as the fanboys want to make it seem.

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Primetimebt4106d ago (Edited 4106d ago )

Well got my XBOX back yesterday only to get a message that says "This Disk can only be read by an XBOX 360. If it does come on the game freeze or just keeps going back start menu. Next XBOX #4 is getting trade in right away.. Sorry xbot but here is my life as XBOX gamer

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