Castlevania Movie Shooting Very Soon

A looming strike in Hollywood has fast-tracked a number of projects, including the oft-mentioned Castlevania adaptation in the hands of Paul W.S. Anderson (Resident Evil, Event Horizon). Anderson had previously been announced to both write the script in direct, but instead is only producing.

Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard) is on tap to direct and Sci Fi Wire reports a script from Ian Jeffers (Death Sentence) should be completed in two to three weeks. The script needs to come in soon, as Anderson anticipates the movie shooting in just a few months.

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mirroredderorrim4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Why must he ruin Castlevania too?
Thing is, I only liked Event Horizon. He has no business looking for successful game franchises only to ruin their reputation with film adaptations of them. :(

WilliamRLBaker4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

its official this movie is gonna suck.

Edit: ok miss I sold my new 360 for 78 bux.

mirroredderorrim4015d ago

It was to a sibling.

I can borrow it anytime. I think I might get another 360. My tax return should make up for it...I'm just freaked out by the RRoD, though.

rubarb234015d ago

everything paul anderson is volved with sucks ass. Event Horizon was alright though. but from there it's all been crap. oh well at least it's not uwe bowl.