Nintendo: Capcom Announces That It’s Going To Cut Nintendo 3DS And Nintendo Wii Support

Capcom shared details on its sales expectations for the current fiscal year today and subsequently announced that it’s set to cut Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS support.

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Shok4809d ago

Smart on their part. There's no much else they can do with the Wii, and the successor is right around the corner. 3DS, I'm sure they'll wait for the sales to kick up.

LocO_o4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

I dont blame them. 3D is meh.

Istanbull4809d ago

Do u mean 3D is meh or 3DS? 3D is a really great experience on my PS3, GT5, KZ3 and WipEout HD are beautiful in 3D. I hate it when people who cant afford 3D says its crap.

ReservoirDog3164809d ago

3D is just something that detracts from the experience. In games? Meh, it doesn't add anything to gameplay. Movies is just a joke. Everything gets darker and blurrier and it takes you out of the experience when something sticks out of the screen and doesn't hit you. It's stupid.

It's just annoying when people who jumped to pay thousands for 3D try to justify their purchase when it's purely a minor cosmetic upgrade that detracts from the experience in a failed attempt at immersion.

And the 3DS will never have an RE game. Oh well. Still haven't got one yet.

miyamoto4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

The full chart, with last year's totals in parentheses, looks like this:

PS3: 16 titles, 8 million units (11 / 6.2 million)
X360: 14 titles, 4.7 million units (11 / 4.2 million)
DS/3DS: 9 titles, 2.4 million units (11 / 1.7 million)
PSP: 11 titles, 2.2 million units (11 / 6.2 million)
PC/Other: 3 titles, 500,000 units (3 / 500,000)
Wii: 2 titles, 200,000 units (5 / 1.4 million)

Well that sure sucks!!!
But majority of Capcom games are not kiddie games so that's no big deal for the Wii but for the 3DS that is dangerous considering the 3DS was made to take a lion's share of the PSP hardcore market! Those Monster Hunter market gold mine.

MaxXAttaxX4809d ago

I get the feeling that the DS is holding the 3DS's hand because it can't hold up on its own and that's why they're placed together.
So how about separating those two to see more accurate numbers.

AAACE54809d ago

Only Nintendo games really sell well on Nintendo consoles with a small few exceptions.

kaveti66164809d ago

3D is a pointless gimmick that has been resurrected from the grave because the electronics companies were running out of ideas about what else to tack on to their marketing.

Children love 3D because they're too stupid to realize how it works and that it's fake. Normal adults have moved on from the illusion.

iWishTifaWasReal4809d ago


Istanbull is probably assuming, k

Highlife4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

Have you moved on from games or are you to stupid to realize that it is fake and just an illusion.

Yes that is what your comment sounded like.

*And 3D is fine as long as it remains an option*

Washington-Capitals4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

Im sorry, i dont give a f%ck if your a fanboy, but 3D WITH GLASSES is a huge gimmick.

Before some of you disagree let me explain.
It costs too much and even when prices drop, the cost vs benefit you get is not worth it on a budget. Only a few people at the same time can enjoy a movie together since viewing angle is limited NOT only that, the glasses are expensive to own. Constant exposure to 3D can lead to reoccurring headaches. Source - http://www.reuters.com/arti...

Content library for movies/games is not yet fully diversified. Last but not least, prly the greatest movie director of all time Steven Spielberg has said 3D is a gimmick while James Cameron who made avatar in 3D and looked pretty good, also said that 3D is a marketing tactic and he would not have had it in his movie.

Sure it might look good but once you have it your never going use it often after the first few months. Its more of a "hey guys, look at what i have".

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Mike134nl4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

Third parties have been having a hard time on the wii compared to the xbox 360 and ps3 and. So no big surprises there. 3DS didn't hav a real good launch do to the lack of games etc it's hard to support hardware if the wright numbers aren't there.

andrewsqual4809d ago

Yeah smart on their part, too little too late.
Short Version: blah blah we aren't going to make a next gen version of Monster Hunter because it will cost too much and take too long to develop. 3 and a half years later Monster Hunter for Wii finally comes out and all reviews say its good but you should definitely get the classic controller that looks like a PlayStation one. Capcom you are the biggest failures this generation in losing fan support and ripping off the ones that you still have.

Soplox4808d ago

Totally agree with u Shok, they'll only lose money with the Wii but about the 3DS idk why cuz SSFIV 3D was the best selling launch tittle.

the_best_player4808d ago

The 3DS does not support true 3D that comes out of screen only the screen Depth (cheap 3D).

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Kamikaze1354809d ago

The 3DS hasn't even been out a year and it's already getting support cut away? =|

MattyF4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

The headline is kind of misleading. Capcom cut their DS/3DS software lineup. So they could have 7 3DS games and 1DS game coming. It's not getting cut like the Wii support.

Capcom has only released 1 3DS game so far and the game shipped over 1 million copies.

stealth500k4809d ago

exactly they didnt say they were cutting any 3ds support. Its just that ds support is pretty much over so the combined 3ds/ds number went down

People dont even read anymore

TXIDarkAvenger4809d ago

Wait so if there's 7 games still coming for 3DS and 1 for DS and they completely cut the Wii.....I think Capcom is getting ready for Wii2?

fullmetal2974809d ago

The PC had 3D supports years before Sony though of it.

frostypants4808d ago

The 3DS is the Virtual Boy all over again.

Nintendo ain't perfect, people. They have as many bombs as they do successes. They live and die by Hail Mary passes.

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cochise3134809d ago

And that's what she said.

Anyways, I don't think their games even sale onthe wii anyway.

BeastlyRig4809d ago

ngp wins?