Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is gold

Today, Naughty Dog's Christian Gyrling says Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is "100 percent done." "We went 'gold' last week," said Gyrling in the PlayStation blog's comment section. "Right now the game is in other words 100 percent done and is currently going through the approval process." He also reaffirmed the November 20th US release for PS3. More within...

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Spike474016d ago

game really looks amazing.


nobody knows about it.

come on sony.

MADGameR4016d ago

There is no doubt this game will be gold! Sorry 360 fans but you got nothing on this game lolz

eagle214016d ago

watch out, your about to go platinum buddy!

AllanWakker4016d ago

Can't wait to see what the Xbots at 1Up come up this time to trash another AAA PS3 game...

unlimited4016d ago

seriously i went up to 1up and this dude claim he played the demo and he said it look like a ps2 game..lmao..he try to pretend he have a ps3..what a loser...xbots are funny.. the graphic is amazing on the ps3. it look just like a pixel movie..all the reviewer i read agrees.

fenderputty4016d ago

I can't freaking wait to play this game. It looks amazing. This, Ratchet, HS, Motorstorm and Resistance are makging me a very happy Sony fan. Next year is going to kick soooooo much boooootaaaay.

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The story is too old to be commented.