MediaKick Review: L.A. Noire

"Every one in a while, something comes along that will change everything. Whether it’s a new gameplay mechanic, multiplayer mode, quality of narrative or graphical advancement, it not only sets the bar, but does so at an immeasurable height that will be the gold standard for years to come. Games can become cult legends from innovating and injecting something fresh and exciting into a perhaps stagnating genre or franchise. This is the case for L.A. Noire, but only for a single aspect. The Team Bondi developed title has been lauded for it’s revolutionary facial animation technology and rightly so. From here on out, games’ immersiveness and realism will always be compared to Australia’s biggest ever title until the day comes when something finally surpasses it. That day could well be someway off as the degree of the success of L.A. Noire’s expression-based technology will not be truly measurable for years. Unfortunately, it may well be the only thing that it is remembered for."

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mindedone2925d ago

I agree with this opinion in most aspects, but I still believe that there is a glaring issue with the interrogations. Not knowing what part of the statement the perp was lying about was just half the problem. Too many time the "evidence" for the lie wasn't the evidence for a lie at all; it was just evidence that the person was, at best, wrong about the statement, and not necessarily intentionally lying. This wouldn't be a problem if the game was consistent in this fact.

To be clear, I didn't like this game. I liked the behind the scenes movie; I liked the facial animations. That is all.