Rumour: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer details leaked

"We have just received from an unlikely source – but very trustworthy source – of some big Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer details. Although unwilling to give further details, what with the official gameplay trailer tonight, our source said that further details of it will be unveiled ‘in the coming weeks’."

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Finger-Eater2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

"We have just received from an unlikely source – but very trustworthy source" Seriously?

GrieverSoul2923d ago

I bet they dont even have a "source"! lol

aceitman2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

vechicles land and air are in the mw3 and destruction. they are trying to keep all cod players and try to get the battlefield players to join.we will see tonight.

ATiElite2923d ago

Call of Duty has always brought a sense of actually playing a movie and the series has done an excellent job of making gamers feel like they are immersed deep within an big time Hollywood movie.

It's good to see Call of Duty return and bring that "special" kind of excitement back to the FPS scene as all these "clones" have surely FAILED to do what COD does so very well and that's "Entertain"! Infinity Ward has always made the best Call of Duty titles and even with a few band members M.I.A. MW3 will still be a monster!

Brink, Homefront, Medal of Honor, Bulletstorm, Crysis 2, F.3.E.R. bow down the King is back!

Urrakia342923d ago

I love how you mentioned a bunch of FPS games and left out Battlefield 3..........

LightofDarkness2922d ago

I can predict right now without any reasonable doubt that Bad Company 2 will be better than this in multiplayer. Thus, by extension, Battlefield 3 will be so far beyond it that laughter will ensue.

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cochise3132923d ago

I doubt the multiplayer is any different from the previous entries.

fluffydelusions2923d ago

I'm sure they will have all the same modes as always but maybe add some new ones? Who knows...

ddurand12923d ago

if hardcore moshpit comes back Ill buy this used a few months after it comes out.

Raven_Nomad2923d ago

Well they spelled "Rumor" wrong, so I kind of doubt this whole story.

Habylab2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I take it you're american then..

vickers5002923d ago

I'm American but I spell the word "theater" as "theatre".

Habylab2923d ago

Well it is if you are American, but for proper British English, it is Rumour.

Shackdaddy8362923d ago

Love how people disagreed with you...

Graphics2923d ago

This is an American site.

wlchrbandit2923d ago

You can misspell our words, but you can never misspell our FREADOM!

cochise3132923d ago

No they didn't, just depends on what part of the world you hail from. We Americans aren't the only english speakers you know.

Dead_Cell2923d ago

You spelled Rumour wrong, I doubt your terrible logic.

rabidpancakeburglar2923d ago

It's not rumor. Americans have never been ones for spelling words correctly, they just go with how they think the word sounds like it should be spelled

Jack-Pyro2923d ago

No, there really are two ways to spell the word, both are correct.

To be fair, the British version is older, but the American version is more widely accepted.

rabidpancakeburglar2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

That's only because the population of america is about 5 times that of Britain. I don't see any American spellings as correct as they are newer and are technically american english and not proper english

NoobSessions2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Well, present day, there is no "proper English", just different versions really. So speaking on a global scale, American English isn't anymore correct than British English, and vice versa. I see where you're coming from though rabid

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LOGICWINS2923d ago

As soon as I read, "huge plans for post launch DLC" that reminded me why I avoid this franchise.

Habylab2923d ago

Yeah, and no doubt they will be as expensive as ever! Activision after all are all about the money at the moment.

retrofly2923d ago

You must be missing on quite alot of games seeing as most come with DLC now, especially the big ones.

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