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Dart892922d ago

This is a grate deal for those who have yet to pick this series up.

Crazyglues2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Too bad R2 sucked... R1 was awesome though. Great Deal none the less...


FunAndGun2922d ago

Don't think R2 sucked, but R1 was definitely the better game of the two...minus the co-op obviously.

jon12342921d ago

no, R2 sucked... it was just bad

LOGICWINS2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

$40? LOL, why not $30? I can get both games used RIGHT NOW at Gamestop for $30..and take advantage of their buy two used games get one free deal.


I can just put those $40 towards Resistance 3..and read the events of Resistance 1 and 2 on Wiki :)

darthv722921d ago

This 2pk plus a voucher for a digital version of Resistance retribution.

guitarded772921d ago

They should add trophy support to R1 while they're at it... excellent game.

sikbeta2921d ago

R2 didn't sucked, it's a pretty solid game, R:FOM is better, but that doesn't mean R2 is bad...

CanadianTurtle2921d ago

R2 didn't suck, it was just a bit different from the first game.

persistentlobster2921d ago

I actually really preferred the multiplayer of the first resistance. i was really disappointed when i heard they removed campaign splitscreen from R2

Zydake2921d ago

Finally people agree with me that R2 sucks and R1 is the better game.

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zeddy2921d ago

agreed r2 was not the game i thought it would be but r1 is an absolute classic.

Kalowest2917d ago

"Too bad R2 sucked... R1 was awesome though. Great Deal none the less... "
Your kind of right. Started playing R2 right after me and my cousin beat R1, and me & him were let down, the game took steps backwards instead of forwards.

earbus2922d ago

I really enjoyed the multiplayer on r2 more seemed more fun and chaotic, never finished the singleplayer was my fav ps3 game with warhawk both are really diff to what i have played on 360 online truely the most unique experiences i played when i had a ps3.

Mutley4162921d ago

just wish i could still find a multiplayer game in R1...i love`s my home town...

tigertron2921d ago

There are still quite a few custom games, but unfortunatly 99% are all 1 hit kills. Thats ashame because I prefer playing proper matches, but only the gamers have the power to change it.

tigertron2921d ago

I don't quite know how anyone can disagree with the fact that most custom games are 1 hit kills. Its a stone cold FACT.

Also, Mutley, I live in Somerset too and its one of my favourite maps.

Zydake2921d ago

i love that map so much i remember the old glitching days and Melee Only rooms funny as hell.

Raven_Nomad2921d ago

Thats some old games for $40, had it been slightly cheaper I might have considered it. I mean we got the Gears triple pack with Gears 1 and 2 and all the DLC for $29.99, so why not this set?

Just_The_Truth2921d ago

lol your such a troll, every single comment you make is anti-PS3.

trainsinrdr2921d ago

resistance 1 and 2 both sucked and resistance 3 will suck aswell

dgonza402921d ago

Your toast making abilities suck.

R1 was awesome.

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