Q&A: Oberon Media's Kucharz Talks MySpace Partnership, Social Gaming

Casual game publisher Oberon Media just announced a partnership with the popular MySpace social network to create MySpace Games, a new service that will allow users to play and share online casual games through MySpace, slated for launch in early 2008.

Named MySpace Games, the new service will allow users to choose from "hundreds" of online casual games to play with friends in the community. Users will also be able to add and virally share games through their personal MySpace profile pages.

All games will be available to play online free of charge to MySpace users. Players will be able to challenge friends to multiplayer games, invite them to play the same single player game or socialize via chat services within the game.

Gaming and social networking are crossing into one another's spheres with increasing frequency, so Gamasutra talked to Oberon Media's executive vice president, Ezra Kucharz, about the new initiative.

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