5 Tips To Deal With E3 Hype

Geek Revolt writes "E3 is all about hype, everyone wants to sell their game. This isn’t a bad thing—but sometimes we get too hyped for a game, that later lets us down. We’ve all been there; we watch every preview, and drool over the screenshots. You might even become addicted to the hype, the idea of the game, and not the game itself. That’s the last thing you want, here are five tips to effectively help you deal with all the hype during this year’s E3."

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trainsinrdr2918d ago

stick on the ole toaster and put a few beans in the pan and sit back and enjoy a good ole fashioned sunday fry

Nes_Daze2918d ago

"Remember the last game you got extremely hyped for? It probably didn’t meet your expectations." Oh but it did, don't know of any PS3 games that were shown at E3 that I was hyped for and let me down, maybe because I don't get overly hyped as stated in the article. You want to talk about too much hype, look at MW3.