New domain registrations by Sony hint at new PS Move title

Gamersmint: If there’s one aspect where Kinect has a evident leg over the Move, it would be the dance genre. Dance Central from Harmonix is widely considered by many to be the most motion controlled games among both Sony’s and Microsoft’s camps.

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Raendom2925d ago


Oh lord, please keep this away from the main E3 conference. If you HAVE to show it, show it in one of those mini-montages, but please NO DEMONSTRATIONS!

zootang2925d ago

People obviously like it. Look at how much attention Dance Central got from the press.

sinncross2925d ago

Eh... Sony should just improve upon Singstar Dance, considering ppl know the Singstar IP.

I personally want to see that FPS torch game they showed off footage of.

Kon2925d ago

Well well well, so much for the hardcore gamer.

Nes_Daze2925d ago

"If there’s one aspect where Kinect has a evident leg over the Move, it would be the dance genre." And I hope that stays that way...LOL. Nah, I hope Sony can tap into that silly casual market, while keeping the core gamers satisfied with all the great exclusives.

Sheikah2925d ago

For the love of god, why don't they make the 1:1 swordfighting game we have been craving ever since the Wii was showcased last decade? So much squandered potential with motion controls :(

Hell, I'd luv to play the tech demo sony had at E3 09. Sword, check. Something to slash, check. Fun!

Sheikah2924d ago

Oh, I tried that - but that's miles apart from the wii fencing game. Sony has yet to produce a proper Move based title yet, apart from titles that can utilize it for FPS. That's not meant as fanboyism, I sold my Wii ages ago - but the Move lineup and support has been really bad

Happythedog2925d ago

Can't wait for No More Heroes.

Sheikah2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

yeah, that was good fun - too bas I played it on the Wii already :(

I loved TFU on the Wii too - made good use of motion controls

Most fun I've had with them are undoubtedly doing the sword thingy on Sports Resort. That was hella fun and 100% right use of the peripheral :)