STN: Is pre-owned really good for the industry?

STN Writes:

When Ian Shepherd, CEO of the UK’s biggest retailer GAME, comes out and says that pre-owned is good for the industry and attitudes are changing you can’t help think that there is a bit of a hidden agenda behind his comments.

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hiredhelp2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Firstly he makes huge money buy ripping people off sell there games for cheap.
Second im fedup with this pre-owned shit. Not everyone can afford every latest game new.

Note to others.
Buy elsewere game second hand games rip off.

bumnut2922d ago

Gamestation are just as bad, if not worse.

A few years ago I called them to ask how much they would pay for a 40GB PS3, they said £100. I went into the store a week later and asked how much they were to buy used and they said £220!!!

I went mental and caused a scene and questioned why they were such a rip off in front of everyone in the shop!

resistance1002922d ago


Point 1 - Gamestation and GAME are the same company

Point 2 - They're businesses at the end of the day, they aim to make money. If you have a problem with the price they offer you. Don't sell it to them.

bumnut2922d ago

Point 1 - didn't know that, thanks for the info

Point 2 - I didn't sell it to them, they could still have made a tidy profit by offering me £150 for it

hiredhelp2922d ago

This is true they are same company. Try places like hmv see what they give you myself. I sell on transfer money to bank use it on shopto. Cos service sucks but popular for game selling.

UnbiasedGamer2922d ago

Has anyone heard of CEX in the UK? CEX offer much better value for trade ins and sell pre-owned games for reasonable price...Atleast they are abit better then Game & Gamestation regrading trade in prices.

JsonHenry2922d ago

Kinda like saying the used car industry is bad for motor companies.

I almost never buy a game full price. I either buy it when the product is on sale or I buy it used. VERY few games are worth the $50-$60 they charge new, IMO. And it would seem my opinion is shared by more than a few others because the second hand/STEAM services are making a huge amount of cash off of guys like myself.

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fei-hung2922d ago

not only is GAME a rip off, but the worst thing is the staff. Most these guys know jack about video games and on top of being clueless, when they get caught out, they try to cover it up with some more BS.

user8586212922d ago

£40 in store for 3DS games GAME are complete crap! hell they went on to increase my preorder of ocarina of time from £29.99 to £34.99 :/ was fun though going absolutely mental at them

fei-hung2922d ago

I think everyone enjoys going mental at them. From what the store was back in the days as Electronics Boutique and what it has become under GAME, it is shameful.

I remember how they used to buy 2nd hand games and then in the back of the store have them re-sealed in plastic to sell them of as new as supposed to pre owned.

bumnut2922d ago

Sometimes they try to get you to preorder a game but won't tell you how much it is!

no thanks

Istanbull2922d ago

Was it bad 10 years ago? Was it bad 5 years ago? No, so why feel the need to ask the question now? Move on.

hiredhelp2922d ago

Yes yes and yes. Was that bad even then. Soon they started getting more stores in uk they didnt give dam about customers.

Brixxer6002922d ago

I buy all of my games from a local independent store , he gives far better trade in deals than any of the "Big Guns" . I buy most of my games new and refuse to allow the like of Game to make a killing on my trade-ins , i have seen them sell used games at £2 less than new and i have also had them try to sell me a used game at new price , won't use them even if they end up as the last game store in town.

Rybakov2922d ago


its only like 5 bucks lower than the new so even if you do wait for the price to go down the new price will too, also devs don't get royalties for someone buying used games.....people also don't know how to take care of ther games, consoles, or anything so the chance of getting a like new copy is rare

maybe if there were some regulations on it like they have to be perfect and devs get royalties and they get rid of those stupid online passes than maybe....just maybe i would agree with it....however i have ocd so i need to buy a sealed new copy of the game anyway

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