EA: "We Failed Well"

EA boss John Riccitiello talks about the company's difficult transition into the current generation of consoles.

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ChronosRaikou2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Yep. Shouldn't have cancled Mirror's Edge 2.


Should have canceled Medal of Honor.

But thats just my opinion :P

MidnytRain2918d ago

The boss of EA discussed the transition between the last generation of consoles and this generation of consoles.

Istanbull2918d ago

I really liked MOH, it was better then Blops

ChronosRaikou2918d ago

Oh. Sry guys. I was half trollin, half tellin the truth here. I didn't really read the article, I was just going off of my knowledge of EA not doing so well lately. Buuu I still want Mirror's Edge 2

Mr Patriot2918d ago

Indeed they failed, they ruined Mass effect and Dragon Age

MidnytRain2918d ago

He's referring to the way the adapted to the coming of the present generation of consoles.

Rybakov2918d ago

don't touch bioware and make sure battlefield stays on track and im sure we can over look any mess ups....cause of coarse your not Activision.....who single handedly destroyed gaming

tigertron2918d ago

If EA failed by giving us great new IPs like Dead Space and Mirror's edge, then I hope the company "fails" again in the next generation.

Last gen, I probably had 2 EA games, this gen I have 11 EA games. All of which have been either really good or brilliant.

Although, I would like a Mirror's Edge 2...

SuperLupe2918d ago

And also they made major improvements to FIFA to the point where it has overtaken PES as the most popular soccer game.

Lich1202918d ago

Yeah its interesting for the to call themselves failures when only in the last 3 years have I respected EA at all. Acquiring DICE has a lot to do with that. Dead Space as well.

Sugreev20012918d ago

EA has redeemed itself in my eyes,I don't know why Riccitiello is complaining.

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