BAFTA Award winners announced - Bioshock wins game of the year

The BAFTA Videogames awards have just finished and the winners have been announced.

Bioshock has scooped the award for game of the year and Wii sports scoops a handful of awards.

Read the press release for details of all the nominations and winners...

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riqued4011d ago

Why give the GOTY now? There are many games launching next month that have great changes on winning that.

But I have to agree that Bioshock is the best of this year so far. And Wii Sports didn't deserved that many awards...

fenderputty4011d ago

Bioshock is an awesome game. I've had the chance to play and watch someon my friends PC. Still ... there are more games coming out that deserve a shot. COD4, Uncharted, Mass Effect and possibly even Racthet all could compete for GoTY

Shankle4011d ago

Yeah but come on, it's the Baftas. They don't matter, especially if they try and declare a game of the year on october. However, bioshock is the best game of the year so far.

Real Gambler4011d ago

Here we go, a new title: Bioshock, Game Of The Year So Far

I'm wondering if there should not be a GOTYSF every month : )

But then it would be a GOTM?

Seriously, great game, but I also agree there's many months left in the year...

Real gamer 4 life4011d ago

Well deservwe. the game has gotten some excellent reviews.

marionz4010d ago

look at all the unhappy owners of boishock on the 2k forums, weather it be on pc or 360 owners have had nothing but glitches and other issues that make the game almost unplayable, ive stoped playing untill they bring out a patch to fix this broken game
and thanks to the devs that never speak up about all these issues, who never reassure people that these issues will be resolved, but seem to be happy to take all the credit for this game getting GOTY

take all the crashing, textures popup, sound glitches, twitching bodies, framerate issues freezes and all the other problems and bioshock would have been GOTY, but for me, after playing through this game im just left with bad memories of a great game gone wrong and an ending that should have been left at the bottom of the ocean to spare people the pain of having to watch it, 2k quit giving us glitchy games

snoop_dizzle4010d ago

whoa i must be missing some serious stuff then.

the only issue i seem to get is when i load a game up, the textures don't load up instantly, but like after 5 seconds or so. After that it seems to run smooth.

or is this more for the pc owners?

but yeah that does seem bad.

tplarkin74010d ago

It is one of the most polished games I've ever played. The texture drawing is simply a part of the Unreal 3 Engine. Gears does the same thing.

Hugh Hefner4010d ago

I call bullshit on your post. I have the game and it does not exhibit any of the glitches and troubles you are talking about. Maybe you are playing it on an 8-year old PC I could see that... not the case on 360 or high-end PCs.

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The story is too old to be commented.