Clive Barker's Jericho Review (GamePro) 4.5/5

GamePro reviews and scores Clive Barker's Jericho:

Clive Barker's Jericho is an interesting game that's dripping with atmosphere and style. It's story, in which you lead a of covert-op squad of "occult warfare" pros through the ruined, evil city of Al-Khali, is well done, thanks to the involvement of horror master Clive Barker. While it has its faults, the game will no doubt please gamers on a visceral level.

Pros: Stylized gameplay, slick graphics and amazing atmosphere.
Cons: Long load times, AI problems, audio dubbing is sometimes off.

Graphics: 5.00
Sound: 4.00
Control: 4.50
Fun Factor: 4.50
Avg Critic Score: 4.50 (out of 5; Editor's Choice)

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resistance1004012d ago

I am actually really confused about this game. GamePro have jsut given it 4.5/5 which is virtually 9/10 yet 1up have gave it 3/10

I will look into this game, however now really don't know what to expect

mrgud794012d ago

Now i really don't know if i should buy it or what? I mean what is wrong with these reviews these days? 1UP gives the game a 3/10 while GamePro gives the game a solid 4.5/5...WTF is up with that, guess im gonna have to wait for IGN, and hear what they have 2 say about it!

Charlie26884012d ago

well why should you pay 60? for example amazon sells the PS3/360 version for 55 (I know, I know :P)

and you can always get the PC version for Super sweet 40 bucks :D

I am still waiting for more reviews before making up my mind about not buying it since I like Clive Barkers previous game and i enjoyed the demo of this one :)

AngryHippo4012d ago

.....their reviews make absolutely no sense. I played the demo and i really liked it so i will going on my own impressions and maybe purchase it later on down the line. At the moment i need to save my pennies for the likes of Assassins Creed, Haze(maybe), Uncharted (definately), Ratchet and Clank (definately) and UT3 if it comes out this year.

Kholinar4011d ago

".....their reviews make absolutely no sense."

A lot of the reviews on this one are mixed. One reviews says it's gross and disturbing in a good way. Another says there was nothing that shocked or startled them, but it was fun.

Seems like this will be a game with a lot of mixed feelings. Nothing wrong with that. Some people will love it, others hate it (like 1up) and the rest may be ambivilant... If you like it, buy it and have fun.

Unfortunately there are a lot of good games at the moment, and that means Jericho might suffer in sales.