Infamous 2 - Perfect Execution of Karma System

SegmentNext - "Making sure that creating a sequel within a path that has already been set in motion by its prequel could be a daunting task for Sucker Punch, but the developers think otherwise. They claim that by knowing the Empire City, and the fact that the eventual confrontation is with The Beast, it will allow them to create an experience as great as the prequel, if not better; it is more about execution than design".

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AnttiApina2918d ago

Karma in itself is a very bad way to address moral choices, is that it doesn't give gray options, only black and white.

I hope that the sequel will have better moral choices, similiar to classics like Deus Ex. Man can hope.

Caleb_1412918d ago

Infamous 1 does give grey options, I can think of one particular moment towards the end involving the with Trish which is a grey option(not to spoil the story any further).

Maybe not as much as we would've liked, but they are there.

nopunctuation2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

No not really. Its either you are good and shoot blue lightning or you are evil and shoot red lightning and you get 2 endings from that. Not a bad thing but it does leave you with nothing once you beat the game twice. If you want grey areas play a game like heavy rain. That really makes you think about what you are doing.

MidnytRain2918d ago

Alot of games leave you with nothing after beating them once.

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blumatt2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

InFamous 2 is going to be great I have no doubt. I enjoyed the first one immensely. I'm about to enjoy playing through InFamous 1 again too because I'm getting it for FREE from Sony in the Welcome Back package. :) I hope Sony buys Sucker Punch. They can join the huge list of first party studios that make incredible games like Eat Sleep Play, Media Molecule, Guerilla Games, etc. etc.

MidnytRain2918d ago

The week before its sequel releases, I will play through inFamous for the third time.

Adva2918d ago

inFAMOUS 2- HERO edition Preordered!

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