Future Games: Sony Goes Trademark Crazy

Kotaku writes:

Sony Computer Entertainment went a bit nutty recently at the US Patent and Trademark Office, with its European division registering new trademarks for unannounced software under the names Ember, SkyBlue, Carriage Return, Race Day, and Strings Attached. These registrants coincide with a number of products already released or announced, including PlayStation Network and PlayStation Eye games Snakeball, Operation Creature Feature, Super Rub'A'Dub and Super Stardust. Unfortunately, the descriptions of the goods and services for each, including helpful hints like "computer games apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor" don't hint at what these products may be.

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games4fun4065d ago

u use the ps3 to time travel to ps9 and enjoy the awesome game drug that guy is lucky to use lol

Its a joke so dont get too angry i like ps3

Mu5afir4065d ago

Sony is making games, while Microsoft is selling off game developers.

level 3604065d ago

It's either a smokescreen - to keep it's gaming fans busy ( guessing - what the hell all this is about ) while there are still no games/or waiting for these games to be released.

And it's also to protect Sony ( so they could easily sue any individual, group or other corporations ) that poses a threat to their business ideas, which could easily backfire one way or another on them showing how an arrogant greedy corporation they are.

It's a mask, a nice looking mask that hides something underneath...

Skater_Ricky4065d ago

Trademark away guys.. Makes me happy to see and hear them working and thinking of new things :D