DigitalFoundry Face-Off: L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire addresses all of these deficiencies and it is easily the closest multi-platform open-world game that Rockstar has released to date. But it's also interesting to see how Team Bondi has taken a very different approach to its project in comparison to Rockstar's teams.

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Shanks2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

"So what accounts for this colossal amount of data? Does L.A. Noire really need three discs? The answer is an unequivocal "yes". In fact, when you compare the make-up of the PS3 BD to the Xbox 360 DVDs, it seems remarkable that Team Bondi only needed three of them!"

But I thought blu-ray was not needed ¬_¬

zootang2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Sony were smart going for future proof over price. Looks like the 360 has framerate issues as well.

"Xbox 360 L.A. Noire takes up 13.2GB of space in all, compared to an equivalent of 22.9GB of game data on the PS3 version"

Where are those missing 9.7GB?

kharma452924d ago

It's the audio tracks on the PS3 version taking up all that space, as it has 7.1LPCM, 5.1LPCM and DTS over and above the bog standard Dolby Digital on the 360 one.

Boody-Bandit2924d ago

What kharma said.
That's the nice thing about the PS3 is a fair amount of their games don't have compressed audio tracks. That way you receive I higher level of clarity and more articulate sound.

Hanif-8762924d ago

I'm getting the PS3 version when my examinations are over....i can't wait! :-)

aia122924d ago

what you fail to realize is that the first xbox was a complete failure so microsoft could not afford to ship the 360 with a very high pricetag or it would have been a bigger failure than the first. sony was only able to get away with launching the ps3 very expensive(which was because of blu ray) because of the massive fanbase they had already secured with the ps1 and ps2. so microsoft using dvd was simply PLAYING IT SAFE sony could afford the gamble.

gamingdroid2924d ago

It was more than that too, not only did Sony have a massive fan base, but they stood to earn a lot more from the Blu-Ray format licensing as well. Coming out of the DVD era, it seemed owning the format was very profitable.

Unfortunately, the shift from DVD was slow, and the era of digital downloads is moving forward fast and the quick dip in Blu-Ray prices made it less profitable.

Also, at the time MS released the Xbox 360, none of the new disc formats standard was finalized. To exacerbate the issue, the Blu-Ray format was somewhat incomplete despite the finalization. HD-DVD was actually a more mature product on almost front, but Toshiba couldn't muster the finances to compete.

Earlier Blu-Ray stand-alone player owners got screwed!

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girlwithturn2924d ago

Sony Epic Win

Better framerate.
Better draw distance.
Better SSAO.
Better glass.
Better reflections on cars.
Better shadows.
One disk.
+ free DLC.

YodaCracker2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Put "barely" before each of those bullet points and maybe you're right. It is the closest comparison yet for any of Rockstar's games according to this article. GTA IV and RDR were far better on the 360, while L.A. Noire is just barely better on the PS3. They said the differences wouldn't even be noticeable without direct comparisons and that you won't notice any problems on a normal playthrough of either version.

But just for the record:


90 - L.A. Noire (360)
89 - L.A. Noire (PS3)


880,000 - L.A. Noire (360)
720,000 - L.A. Noire (PS3)

It looks like the 360 version wins in the areas that actually matter (or are even noticeable).

Organization XII2923d ago

ummm where exactly did you pull out the sales figure from? source?

X-Zone2924d ago

It's obvious this was always going to turn out to be better on the PS3 because it was the lead development platform, just like Final Fantasy XIII and Dark Souls

gypsygib2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Every time digital foundry gives it to the PS3 it seems painful for them like they don't want to but have to, but when they give it to 360 you can feel their excitement in the writing.

They always minimize the 360 differences as not that important but maximize the PS3 ones as almost game breaking.

swinesucker2924d ago Show
cereal_killa2924d ago

"Every time digital foundry gives it to the PS3 it seems painful for them like they don't want to but have to"

How do you think the fanboys feel now they have to find another comparison that will give it to the 360.

guigsy2924d ago

I think you're just being paranoid.

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