The Witcher 2 Review - writes: "The game can be finished off in a bit less than half the time it took to edge your way to the finish line of the original Witcher. Where the first game clocked in around 80 hours its sequel packs in a trimmer 30-or-so, and the effect of a shorter game becomes obvious with its slightly abrupt conclusion. But regardless of some occasional wobbles this is one of the most ambitious, darkest, and legitimately smart additions to the genre you'll have the luck of playing. Just get yourself a bloody decent PC."

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Xristo2923d ago

I can respect a 9, but nothing less....this game craps on the competition, like a boss!

dc12923d ago

and that’s putting it softly...

I loved it (56+ hour to complete ..several more story option to complete on the replay).

BeastlyRig2923d ago

remember they will have free dlc & expansions!!

gillri2923d ago

what competition? there hasnt been a big RPG release in a while

its nearest competition is Skyrim, I doubt it ll crap on that

Ranshak2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

We dont know how good skyrim will be until we actually see it first hand, till then Witcher 2 is the uncontested champ of rpgs this gen.

dc12923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

There is a little bit of ‘exuberation’ in Xristo's comment. However the point centers around the praise that should be heaped on W2. In short:
I was very disappointed with DA2 and then… simply blown away with The Witcher 2.
Regarding SKYRIM:
Anyone who loved the Elder Scrolls series will highly appreciate W2.
However, the open world of Elder Scrolls is unmatched. I’m very excited for SKYRIM – I’m sure that W2 will push Bethesda just a little more… and that is exactly what we want.
True competition only serves to benefit us!

Very good Ranshak. However I'm sure that Skyrim will deliver!

Perkel2923d ago

@ dc1

"the open world of Elder Scrolls is unmatched"

If this world would be as Oblivion one... then don't count me in for Skyrim.

Oblivion world as big it was had one big problem.

It was very empty world. Cities didn't feel like ones. more like villages.

Game had also terrible story. Morrowind story was far better one because it wasn't clear from the first step what was the main objective.

In Oblivion main story progression is boring and created from many fetch quests.

If you look for quest lists there are actually fewer quests in that game than in most of RPG's and 3/4 of them are kill that guy, bring me this.

Only thanks to mod community Oblivion is on my computer. Mods like Vija companion prove that betsheda done bad job filling this big beutifull world with anything more that trees and caves.

There is a joke in the internet that when betsheda was hiring people for Oblivion they forgot to hire script writer. They realized it only 2 weeks before game was out when the started to think about story and dialogs :)

I love Oblivion as a hack and slash game but there is very little RPG in that game.

dc12923d ago

I'm with you. The Morrowind's open discovery story and environment is responsible for a healthy percentage of my statement.
With that said, Oblivion was nothing to shake a stick at; I really enjoyed it in its own right (even though it was equally open, but significantly less atmospheric than Morrowinds). DA1 was an amazing presentation as well but on a much smaller scale.
To your points regarding the towns/cities of Oblivion: I’m sure I read comments that Bethesda addresses this in Skyrim. I hope it bears out as well.

Perkel2923d ago

@ dc1

Problems with cities in oblivion was npt about how many NPC were there but what did they do.

Nothing. All day. Where Gothic1 already had living world.

Damn vanilla oblivion withoud mods can't be even counted as any Goty contender. More like 7/10.
Wait.. No it's still high in 8,9/10 I already forgot how this game was fine looking back then.

On other hand this proves that graphic can't change with story and script because game will not survive long enought to be considered amazing.

When graphic will loose it's apeall what is left is very bad RPG with crap graphic,crap,story,crap dialogues. What is to defend ?

Morrowind was brilliant hell it's still brilliant. Immersive world, some good piece of politick and very diverse world. Big unnown in center of the island looming on future of isle.

Shame it has one of the worst end boss ever.

Witcher 1 live on forums not thanks to mod community but because game is still fresh even with outdated graphic still the experience is strong. It's not perfect game by any means with some big cons. but overall experience matter more than bugs, graphic etc.

Same think i want from Skyrim. I want it to be known not only by vast world but also for good story line and rich dialogues.

There is nothing worse than spending 150h+ exploring wastes in Fallout3 to be completly killed by bad story with stupid ending.

I felt that i should better invest those 150h in watching brazilian sitcoms... x.X

New vegas on other hand is brilliant.

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Series_IIa2923d ago

Amazing game... Pre-ordered it purely off hype, never played the first, but loving it at the moment.

2923d ago
gillri2923d ago


this gen? PC only has one generation, it doesnt work like that with PC gaming

and if your talking about the last 5 years (as with this console gen) I think Dragon Age on PC is still the better out and out RPG and Demon souls on PS3 is slightly better IMO and Mass Effect is clearly better game whether you think its an rpg or not

so bit of hyperbolic enthusiasm methinks

Ranshak2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Sure PC only has 1 gen, I was refering the last 4-5 years.

Dragon age origins again at heart was a PC game, which is why it was so good, it was an amazing game as well. However i think i like witcher 2 more in comparison.

I wouldnt really call mass effect an RPG, its more of a shooter atleast with ME2 its become a shooter with dialogue, ME3 seems to be going even further in that direction.

PC platform imo has had the best of games this year. Multiplats are a clear winner on PC anyways. While exclusives like Witcher 2 and Shogun 2 have outdone every other exclusive out there up until now.

kramun2923d ago

I think The Witcher 2 is better than DA,DS and ME. It's all just personal opinion though really.

chak_2923d ago

I'm waiting for BF3 before judging.

Though it surpassed portal 2 in my heart, which was a very very difficult task.