Blu-ray Is Still Winning, But Can It Continue?

Everyone knows that Blu-ray is currently winning the format war, as opposed to its competitor, HD DVD. But, the real question is can it continue winning in the long run? That's what this article asks and addresses in detail.

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PimpHandHappy5515d ago

have anything to say about it


Daishi5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

Spidey wont but Transformers might...
Whatever happened to bootlegging? (JK)

masterg5515d ago

Last Xmas HD DVD went from a 60% lead to only 40% market share.
This of course happened when the PS3 was introduced in the US and Japan.

This year the PS3 sales are looking much better and us Europeans are also in the Xmas race this time.

I think we will see Blu-ray going from 60-65% to 80% market share minimum.

xplosneer5515d ago

It really is.
It's a sneaky horse but it works none the less.

Me needs to go buy MI series Blu ray now thank you.

cdzie15515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

There is really a site called Are things really that bad for Sony?

Something needing "protection" implies that it is in danger..

Daishi5515d ago

Yes, they study the effects of Blue Tooth on children, old people, and pregnant women...

xplosneer5515d ago

like Xbox360fanboy or something(they aren't biased as well)

But you want some laughs check out

AllanWakker5515d ago

There are going to be more BluRay players sold in the next two months than dead HD-DVD format ever sold.

Only die hard Xbots are still clinging to the rotting HD-DVD corpse. HD-DVD fanboys should go cry off in the corner with the Dreamcast and Amiga freaks over how life isn't fair.

cdzie15515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

Well.. except that HD DVD has the #1 selling high-def title with a record 190,000 copies sold in the first week.. and HD DVD standalone players are still outselling Blu-ray players... and HD DVD laptops sell 9 to 1 over Blu-ray laptops... good thing PS3 sales are so bad they are doing another $100 price cut (within 4 months)... otherwise, without PS3, Blu-ray would be gone by now...

jaja14345515d ago

*pokes AllanWakker*
*Screams in pain as hot fair rushes to face*

xplosneer5515d ago

Well, except that Blu Ray is outselling HDDVD 2:1, and that PS3 sales kill all HDDVD player sales, and that HDDVD players have gotten many hundred dollar price cuts within 4 months good thing Toshiba Microsoft IBM Universal and Paramount/Dreamworks have big pockets, otherwise, without them, HDDVD would be gone by now. I agree with your points, but I can do it too.

Makroyale5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

Name ONE country where HD-DVD disks are outselling Bluray disks. You can't, because there isn't one.

Who cares about laptops, anyone using their laptops to play hidef disks and anyone who thinks it will factor in the outcome in the war is a complete MORON. Here are last weeks NA disk sales numbers, read em and weap.

Week End. 10/14 Blu-ray Disc: 71% HD-DVD: 29% nearly 3 to 1 BIA!!!

Remember PS3s aren't counted as standalones and the percentage sold is 56% HDVD stand alone to 44% Bluray.

On top of that... HD-DVD just released it's best title and they're still going to lose the week in total sales. But I'm sure everything is still rosey for you isn't it XBOT?!?!?!

Antiomo5515d ago

your trying too hard dude.

have you ever heard of the statistical term called outlier.... just look it up.

Transformers is an awesome movie it really is but There are many other movies out there and most of them are on blu. Btw blu has their own outliers pirates, spiderman, and die hard. Guess what that is not 3 movies... its really 10 big sellers

hahahabutt5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

With out PS3, Blu Ray is Nothing. what if Sony can't aford to keep PS3 alive past 4 years. Blu-Ray would die along with (joking) But serious, HD-DVD ain't going no where and I bought Transformers in Hd today. It was awsome.

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sticky doja5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

I can't begin to understand why a site like would write an article stating blu-ray will come out on top. Oh, protection?


snoop_dizzle5515d ago

didn't you hear? sony is releasing a new line of condoms for the gaming enthusiast. :P

sorry that was just bad, but i had to say it.

games4fun5515d ago

yes some have been reported defective dont worry we will give you a new one lol.

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