Kaleb’s Korner: Call of Duty Black Ops: A Funny Story

"So, as I mentioned before, this video is a story of an embarrassing and painful incident that happened while I went bird watching one day. I also show off some of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ competitive playlist with the AK47. It’s a round of Capture the Flag on the map Firing Range that is very entertaining. Also, the open lobby that I mentioned in the video happened a while ago, so ignore that part, but don’t ignore the story whatever you do. It just may be the funniest thing you hear today!"- KalebKJC94

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Fir3truck2921d ago

Another good video Kaleb keep up the good work.

maxcavsm2921d ago

God damn, Kaleb's a pervert :) "Bird" watching, indeed.

ChaingunPope2919d ago

These are always entertaining.