1UP Gives 8/10 to Eye of Judgment

"The Eye of Judgment's biggest hurdle is relying on its users' faith in the concept: a videogame that has you playing with real cards in front of the packed-in PlayStation Eye camera, which summons the corresponding fantasy creatures and spells onscreen as they're used. The expertly tuned and balanced card game at the core of the experience is designed in such a way that it doesn't require the game disc itself to be played. Provided you're willing to track stats and further memorize the rules yourself, you can play it against a friend with nothing more than your deck -- no TV, no PlayStation 3, and no Eye. But that's also beside the point; having an infallible, all-seeing eye to take care of the messy specifics associated with tabletop gaming (dice, paper, arguments) makes all the difference in its accessibility, and having 3D representations of your creatures duke it out onscreen is a nice little bonus, too."

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paracardium4013d ago

cool this game will be a hit to Magic and other card gamers alike.

fenderputty4013d ago

a niche market game. But, it's the only game of it's kind so, it has a rather large hold on that market. It's not my cup of tea but, if I was into the card games, I would totaly get this.

hella whip4013d ago

I agree there is definately a niche market for this game. I don't expect any reviews above 8/8.5 just because it won't appeal to the majority.

jackdoe4013d ago

This truly is a niche market game like all of you said. Some people are into these types of games. I'm not so I probably wouldn't like it but it looks to be a great game for people who like Yu-gi-oh and Magic.

Barreldragon004013d ago

I cant wait to get this game the only reason i gave up on card games before was because their was no one to play. and with Onlne and even vs the comp im going to be happy for a long time. 8 is a great score for this type of game (small target audience) i was expecting 7's

eleaz144013d ago

70$ for game + deck + playstation eye

what a bargain!!

fenderputty4013d ago

the funny thing about this game is, it's not a system seller by definition but, it's going to sell systems. Not many mind you but, there will be card playing advocates who won't be able to say no.

lodossrage4013d ago

This game will appeal to a select audience. Meaning the magic and yugioh card game players.

But this game was MEANT for them. And even people like me (someone who doesn't play card games) ,might like it

I myself plan to buy this game

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