EDGE: DiRT 3 Review

Codemasters has been surprisingly lax with post-launch support in the past, most of its racers enjoying little more than a few downloadable cars and an angrily awaited patch or two. Dirt 3 has other plans. Its DLC option takes pride of place in the ‘My Dirt’ section, while a nag screen and dedicated menu speak of VIP pass rewards such as YouTube uploading, extra cars and the significant bonus of online play. None of which guarantees much more, of course, so we’ll have to take the publisher’s word on that. The first DLC pack, it says, will be a Monte Carlo Rally pack featuring eight stages for single- and multiplayer modes.

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LiamIRL822922d ago

This will be mine tomorrow & I can't wait. Good review. Love Codemasters

Kon2922d ago

Will pick up this and L.A Noire after i finish The Witcher 2. Too many games!

hennessey862922d ago, I,ve had it since saturday. its an amazing game. A return to form for the series but they still have annoying voice overs

LiamIRL822922d ago

I hate hearing when people get games early. MAKES ME SO MAD!!! jk

hennessey862922d ago

if your from the uk use, every game ive ordered of there has come early.


Tomorrow, I can finally stop watching youtube videos of this game and play it first hand.

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