MS Denies EA Employee Claim of High Failure Rates Among X360s

Is the Xbox 360 failure rate higher than we think? And is Capcom's recent release of Dead Rising contributing to the problem? Microsoft and Capcom refute the claims of an EA employee who suggested that 360 failure rates were in the 30-50% range.

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BIadestarX5412d ago

someone is going to lose his/her job. hehe.

achira5412d ago

comon ms, its obvious that the rate is between 50% and 100%. i bet nearly everyone of the launch buyers replaced this bunch of crap.

TheMART5412d ago

Obvious by what. Did you take surveys or analysed large groups of 360 users?

No. You're a Sony fanboy, that's why your statements are so dull

Jay da 2KBalla5412d ago

"You're a Sony fanboy, that's why your statements are so dull"


Jay da 2KBalla5412d ago

You do know that they are refering to the 300 consoles that EA received. 30-50 percent of three hundred is 90 to 150 consoles. Meh.

GamerX25412d ago

Yesterday's original story on the subject was pulled at the source's request, and is no longer available.

LiquifiedArt5412d ago (Edited 5412d ago )

Xbox People are the Newbs, SOny is the Father of True gaming; SO maybe we'll teach you something this gen like we did last gen with 60% of the marketshare, mere infants.

Edit: P.S. Xbox Blows! Get yourself a real console with a variety of great games, PS3, "Get a Clue"

TheMART5412d ago

So should we talk about the DVD problems the PS2 had, because 50% of all users bought a PS2 for the 2nd or 3rd time because theirs stopped working already after a year or so?

Bad quality hardware = Sony

0ldb0y5412d ago

"SOny is the Father of True gaming."

That sounds like some cult scripture.

"...we'll teach you something..."

Are you affiliated with Sony? You spit no truth, merely speculation.

J Allard 3605412d ago

This is nothing more than a sony implanted lie to nock the 360 of course and it`s not gonna work!!

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The story is too old to be commented.