The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of The Year Edition Review

So MrTeenie Founder/Editor at got his hands on Oblivion GOTY Edition and from the review looks like he loved it.

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Eclipticus4013d ago

This is definatly my go too game. Since I dont buy too many games. i am glad this one never really ends. I can wander around, doing whatever until another game is released. Like I am doing until Assassins creed.

bootsielon4013d ago

If not, go to hell Bethesda. I don't want to pay for horse armor anyway.

bumnut4013d ago

that makes it a bargain if it is full price.

excellent game but it takes over your life.

easyily 200+ hours if you do all side quests and bonus missions

eclipsegryph4013d ago

Mate, in this package you'll be getting Oblivion and its two expansions, Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles. The game looks, plays, sounds, and feels fantastic, and is guaranteed to absorb, at the very least, 50 hours of your life, but that's only if you power-play the hell out of the thing and don't sit back and enjoy it. Otherwise you'll easily be in the 100s of hours before you know it.

As for "old", what the hell are you smoking? The game is a year and a half old. That's nothing.

Don't be a miser and realize just what it is you'll be paying for. Oblivion remains, hands down, well worth the $60 price tag that the GOTY edition will probably receive. It's earned it.

Sam Fisher4013d ago

hold on i love this game but it is not 200+ hours at most its about 90 hours cuz the game is 30 plus 30 with shilver isles and the rest is bout 10 to 20 hours but everything else is true tho

marcellizot4013d ago

Seriously this game is massive, I have been playing for 45 hours and there I am only about half way through the main quest and I have only joined one guild. There is so much to do here it is almost silly, I love it. I won't be needing those expansion packs for some time to come, but when I get them I bet they will be great.

gogators4013d ago

and the Guild and Main quest took almost 200 hours. Great game, hopefully Elder Scoll 5 will be just as massive.