HOW TO... Make The Most Of Your PS3.

What HIFI just posted a neat little article about the non-gaming aspects of the PS3 (mainly Blu-Ray), and how to get the best out of them.

"For many buyers, the Sony PlayStation 3 looks like an ideal way to get into Blu-ray, especially now prices have been cut a bit to make it even more attractive. The standard-issue UK version gets a 60GB hard-disk, with a stripped-down 40GB model also available, and onto this you can record audio files from your CDs..."

It's pretty basic stuff but may be helpflu to some new PS3 owners.

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SmokeyMcBear4017d ago

hmmm i say
500GB external HDD - $159 (black like the ps3)
DVD Decrypter - Freeware
PS3 Video 9 - Freeware

80 DVDs (and counting..), 10 GB of Music, All of my digital Albums at the touch of a button.... Priceless

eleaz144017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

500GB, you are not human xD

Would you like to share some GB?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4016d ago

both of my computers actually have 500gb HDDs each adn im planning on getting an external 500gb too. That would give me 1.5 tearsbytes

Xemnas4017d ago

Lol i got a 500GB also was thinking of getting 1TB

pilotpistolpete4016d ago

got the Lacie 500 gig for myself. It was like 110$ at futureshop, so I couldn't resist.

S1D3 EFFEC74016d ago

My friend uses his to hold the door open. No joke, he has it in the box and the box holds his room door open so we cant get some air while we play some Wii and Halo 3 on Live.

HandShandy4016d ago

Not suprised you need air in the room - with the Xbox360 heating the place up like a furnace and you two smelly bastards sitting in there playing wii-sports no wonder you need fresh air.

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