What the Hell is Your Problem Rockstar?

Original Gamer: "This week Rockstar released a great game, L.A. Noire, but they also gave a big middle finger to gamers in another way. They weren't the only ones as Fox News also decided to spit in the face of gamers. Chris, Eduardo and O.G. wrap-up the big news this week on the Original Gamer Podcast."

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nix3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

i'm little bit worried about picking up this game. looks like most of the things have been borrowed from GTAIV (which i think is crap). but i've been hearing lots of things about the whole investigation process and how it is very limited.

to quote someone from meta:

"You simply gather evidence, and at first I thought this was nice, there was some dummy evidence that was useless and only meant to throw you off, but it was all scripted. It's not like they just littered the scene with things you'd find at a crime scene or a house, they made everything you can pick up there for a reason. So instead of having to cycle through hundreds of pieces of evidence or objects that I could use to extract information out of people, I basically had maybe a dozen or so items that would appear in my notebook when questioning people. I was hoping for the ability to collect thousands of useless things with only a few being of any relevance to the case and leaving me to sit down and actually THINK which piece of evidence I should use for my situation, rather it be questioning a witness or interrogating someone."

"The witnesses and suspects are way too obvious in their emotions. It basically rolls out like this: Is he innocent? Then he'll be rational when you ask him questions. Is he not innocent? Then he'll act hostile and irrational to the slightest question you ask him. There are times when this isn't the case, but it seemed like it was too easy."

as someone said, i think it sounds like "GTA: Dick Tracy".

harlem_v13681d ago

The only thing borroed from GTAIV is the big city. In fact, the people that are upset with the game were those expecting 1940s GTA Los Angeles.

mll093681d ago

It's one of the first games of it's type, so give it a chance. Hopefully the feedback well help Team Bondi make the game you want in the next installment, they can only do so much first time round to see if they have an audience for a game like this.

snork3681d ago

I play to has good time, making the game too compliated would make the fun away.

No need to make comlimented game.

RedDead3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

snork, some people look for a challenge it makes it more rewarding, what would you find better, an Achievement/trophy for finishing the game, or the act of actually solving an almost unsolvable crime. I really want to try this game out before I buy, I was looking into for quite a while but i'll see, I really want a brainstorming challenge from it.

However, Dlc could actually be extremely useful for this game. Full on new quest, a HARD one.

Solid_Malone3681d ago

whoa, you must really hate the word complicated- there, i spelt it for you :)

BeOneWithTheGun3681d ago

That is true. GTA had so much more to offer. I really appreciate the facial thing they have going but the problem is, that is ALL they have going. IT is the same thing over and over and over. The few bits of action are so cardboard it is not even funny. There is one side mission that involves running up a ladder. That is it. You run up a ladder and stop a guy from jumping. Most side quests last 30 - 45 seconds. The rest is driving here then driving there.

Also, if you are going to make a huge, detailed city then please have places to go!! I am not asking for Oblivion style adventure but at least have say, 1/4 of the building open for investigating and searching. Nothing is worse than driving an 8 sq mile area and NOT being able to check it all out.

BTW, a "?" on the map that has a car does not count.

metsgaming3681d ago

you must be joking GTA4 didn't have a "big city", it looks like it borrowed alot of the driving,walking/running, and shooting mechanics.

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creamsoda3681d ago

agreed, they made it too easy.

Vherostar3681d ago

It uses the GTA engine just like RDR did but it looks a lot like GTA I must admit. What I hate though is it has GTAs basic steering which aint a prob on GTA your supposed to drive fast and hard and crash. However on this the game punishes you for being a bad driver meaning you gotta drive round slow most the time and that is seriously NO fun.

thespaz3681d ago

It doesn't use the "GTA engine" (called RAGE by the way). It uses a new engine designed by Team Bondi just for this game.

This game isn't about mowing down peds and going off jumps. Play GTA for that crazy stuff.

ct033681d ago

I'm not surprised at all. I expected they'd mostly cater to people who want a ton of handholding when solving these cases.
It's got to sell millions upon millions, so they had to dumb down the investigation process a great deal.

Sitris3681d ago

It's to much like GTA despite that fact, that for the first few years of development, the story, gameplay, mocap, it was being published by Sony. And your blaming Rockstar? Maybe you didn't like the gameplay in LA Noire, but personally, all I wanted to do is be a detective, just like one of my favorite tv shows Law and Order. Your opinion, bur I wanted the game to be exactly as it is. If there was 1000s of pieces of evidence, it wouldn't be playable enough by the majority of players, limiting the sales and appeal. If it were more accurate to real crimes, like were heaps are unsolvable, then it would make the game to hard. And easier means more sales, and for a game company that is how it is.

Or though I would love to have a game like heavy rain, where your hunting a killer and it is the gameplay of LA Noire, finding investigating, and the story changes. That would be amazing.

Tommykrem3681d ago

"The witnesses and suspects are way too obvious in their emotions. It basically rolls out like this: Is he innocent? Then he'll be rational when you ask him questions. Is he not innocent? Then he'll act hostile and irrational to the slightest question you ask him."

You won't believe how wrong that actually is, before you've seen the story unfold for yourself. LA Noire actually makes a point of making that wrong.

Soldierone3681d ago

"The witnesses and suspects are way too obvious in their emotions. It basically rolls out like this: Is he innocent? Then he'll be rational when you ask him questions. Is he not innocent? Then he'll act hostile and irrational to the slightest question you ask him. There are times when this isn't the case, but it seemed like it was too easy."

Play the second half of the game....

As for the rest it wouldn't be fun picking up a coke bottle and suddenly its added to your notebook. Now you have to scroll through 3 pages of useless crap to find a clue. Not EVERYTHING is used, and it has to be used correctly. You have to listen to what people are saying and how they say it, how the other characters think a clue leads to a suspect. You could think wrongly and say they are lying then end up choosing the wrong evidence to prove it.

Like stated above its the first (well second in a way of Heavy Rain) so its still developing. So yeah their are issues and yeah it felt a little easy. However its still an interesting and fun game. When it boils down to many choices and actions do you have in COD? and yet it sells more than any game out there.

wsoutlaw873681d ago

These people are writing after an hour or two of the game. It gets progressively harder with less hand holding as you go

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aPerson3681d ago

I can't believe the criticisms I'm reading. The game is nothing like GTA.

OcelotRigz3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Same here, its nothing like GTA. Its a slow paced game where you actually have to think about what your doing. If people are expecting a GTA-like game then they are going to be very disappointed and probably come on sites like this complaining.
LA Noire is what i hoped it would be and more, i love it, it feels fresh and original. Not like any other game I've played, well, if anything, it kinda reminds me of Heavy Rain.

guigsy3681d ago

Same, it controls pretty much like GTA but the core gameplay is totally different (and different for the better I might add).

snipes1013681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Rockstar should not have been given all the shine for this game. Everyone hears Rockstar and thinks killing hookers and running over peds. That is not what this game is and the game was not developed by Rockstar.

If the had said something like "Bondi Games Prsents," I'll bet people would think the game was great. Unfortunately, it would not have sold very well without Rockstar's stamp I dont think. It's a lose lose.

earbus3681d ago

Rockstar didnt make it for a start lol.

No Way3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Indeed. "This week Rockstar released a great game, L.A. Noire" Uhm, no, jackass.
They did not, if you don't know who made the game, at least, then shut the fuck up ..

I don't understand why people keep saying Rockstar made this game.. they didn't.
It's like saying Sony made Uncharted or Microsoft made Halo. It's just ignorance.

thespaz3681d ago

But, they aren't lying. Rockstar DID release the game.

Team Bondi is the developer. You don't hear people saying "Black Box released a new Skate game"... no, it's usually "EA releases a new Skate game". Black Box is the developer and EA is the publisher... just like Team Bondi is the developer and Rockstar are the publishers.

No Way3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

So, according to you, Microsoft made Halo and Sony made Uncharted. Yes?
Does EA own Black Box? If so, that is prolly why, you hear that, bout EA.
Does Rockstar own Team Bondi? Not that I know of. But, it doesn't matter.
Regardless, everyone is trying to put L.A Noire and Rockstar hand in hand.
Thinking that Rockstar made L.A. Noire. Which, as you know, they did not.

I think that's the misconception that everybody thinks that it's a GTA clone.
It seems most of the 'media' is giving Rockstar the credit, not Team Bondi.

unknownhero11233681d ago

If people were expecting a grand theft auto game from L.A. Noire really need to fact check better. Like Mafia 2, the city of L.A. only serves to immerse(sp) you into the story. If you really expected to shoot and kill innocent civilians while playing as a dectective then, no offense, I question your intelligence.

mananimal3681d ago

I must tell you this spitting in the face stuff, goes well beyond videogames, if you think about it. If only the Sheeple would shake off their fear, and see.

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