Take Milla Jovovich Home With You: New Alice Collectible Announced From Hot Toys

"They're not dolls! They're action figures and NO you can't take it out of the box!" Anyone with a group of video gaming friends is sure to have taken part in a conversation like this at some point. Well, get ready for it again because Hot Toys has announced that they will be releasing a new Resident Evil action figures in the likeness of Alice.

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frozzenfire2923d ago

Oh la la! I may take this out of the box!

rmoar2923d ago

It would be nice if you could take the real Milla Jovovich back home with you.

Hellsvacancy2923d ago

Yeah, it would be cool, ill slap the life outta of her, i cant stand her, terrible actor

What was that alien film she did, she made out like it was real footage/real events that you was about to watch, utter crap, the women she played in the movie wasnt real at all nor where the events

Good job i wasnt stupid, i right through it all, i just dont like the dishonesty from her

Laxman2162923d ago

I cant speak for these dolls, but she's smokin' hot!

Ser2923d ago

The sculpt is actually pretty decent.

Hot Toys are definitely the top dogs in the 1:6 collectible figure world.

rmoar2923d ago

If only the quality of the movies matched the quality of the action figures.

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