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WiredController: Finding words to describe just how excellent The Witcher 2 can be a daunting task. There’s simply so much that is done right and exceeds expectations that trying to praise the game for all it does right would require a college essays worth of pages to detail. So if you are to come away with one thing when reading this review then let it be this,” Go out and play this game you bloody whoreson!”

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yamzilla2919d ago

best rpg in the last ten years

better graphics than any game ever made so far....

bf3 dx11 on pc maybe a challenger??

Rybakov2919d ago

dude im totally hooked....i got a free copy cause my boss got it but didn't have the computer for i want more Witcher in my life

ATiElite2919d ago

so far every review is a 9 or 9.5. I don't know what's holding it back from a perfect 10 cause so far it's AMAZING!

starchild2919d ago

I completely agree with you guys, it is such an amazing game.

wumster2919d ago

The game is an absolute must play for any RPG lover. It is a fantastic game. The gameplay is fast and superb. I'm playing with an Xbox controller and while it has some fluidity problems, I think it enhances the gameplay imo.

I think the graphics can hold up, because the environments are lush, vibrant and extremely colorful.

Here's to CD Projekt...great game.

i_like_ff72919d ago

Seriously one of the best RPG if not the best RPG i've ever played. Holy shit. Only on Act 1