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With the PSN store supposedly coming back online this next week, is doing a slew of retro reviews for the five games that we get to choose from. Second up is WipEout HD:

Since its inception back in 1995, WipEout has been a rather niche racing series for Sony and many people have been patiently waiting to see how the game fares in HD. One word: Awesome!

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ophidian2922d ago

I never bought the fury DLC, but after hearing this is coming with it, I am going to replay the entire thing.

clearelite2922d ago

I'm getting this as soon as the PSN Store goes back up!

Laxman2162922d ago

Brilliant classic game! Everyone who doesnt have this should definately pick it as one of the free PSN titles.

honestpizza2922d ago

One of the best in the lineup! Wish I didn't have it already.

rmoar2922d ago

Since I've got LBP and inFamous, this is my number 1 pick up when the store comes back.

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