Bayonetta creator wistful over possible Jeanne spin-off

Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya would like to make a spin-off of the OTT action game, starring the titular witch’s opposite number, Jeanne.

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b_one2921d ago

no no, i wont buy this shit, i remember how crappy Bayonetta ps3 conversion was...

mastiffchild2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

WTF? For a start, Platinum have since made a great PS3 version of a game(Vanquish), didn't make the Bayonetta port themselves-should have done-but didn't and the Sega made port, though a bit wonky before the patch, is perfectly playable after it. Sure, it wasn't as sharp as the 360 version but I had both and STILL found it better to play on the PS3 because the controller as better suited(for me) and had it been bad enough I WOULD have changed my habits as I did with the truly awful Orange Box version on PS3-which was THAT bad, Bayonetta just wasn't that bad. At least,it wasn't as bad as people made out-a bit of slowdown and some longer loads and most was negated by that patch any case it's just that the patch wasn't out for the reviewers.

Way too much made of the port for me-Sega didn't do the best job but Platinum could have done it themselves and I felt Sega got a bit too much stick when the patch actually cleared most of it up-for me at least.

EDIT-Anyway-point is any new spin off would be fine, as Vanquish was, as Platinum clearly know how to do a PS3 game now so you'd be cutting off your nose to site your face-a Jeanne spin off would be amazing, imho.

b_one2921d ago

Perfectly playable? We have different games... all that blur and sometimes framerate drops... no, next time i will wait for gameplay videos...

L6RD7BLU32921d ago

Well I haven't played the ps3 version, I'll would still like the spin off or Bayonetta 2

gypsygib2921d ago

Please don't. Bayonetta was clearly the better character, don't take an already excessively ridiculous game and make it lame.

Bayonetta had amazing gameplay but the music and story were incredibly stupid, a Jeanne focused will just make that worse. Also, why develop a character only to abandon her in subsequent games.

Venox20082921d ago

I want Bayonetta 2! :) first one, was one of the best action games I've played :) Platinum FTW! :) ..better make bayonetta 2 and when you finish the game (not short) , you can play spin-off like a bonus :) like in RE4 ada's missions or something..