Ultimate Final Fantasy Collection Available on eBay

A user on eBay has posted up a sale that contains all of the Final Fantasy games in the series.

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coryok2925d ago

thats a lot of final fantasy

crxss2925d ago

it's so beautiful. but doesn't look like anything is NTSC format so it can't be THAT Ultimate. you do get the systems though so that's cool.

kratos1232925d ago

damn son and i thought i was a hardcore ff fan

Bimkoblerutso2925d ago

I'm not sure if it's actually anything, but Norton gave me a "suspicious page" notice when I followed the link.

Rybakov2925d ago

i have to say nearly 15,000 for all of that seems kind of cheap.......the dude who selling it is from Thailand 0-o

godslayer4292925d ago

news must be slow at the moment

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