Roxio GameCAP Review | MMGN.COM writes: We've all been there; a kill streak so intense that no one would ever believe you, only if there was a way to capture your gameplay footage for bragging rights. Thanks to the Roxio GameCAP we now have an easy to use, high quality and most importantly, cost effective solution to capture all your finest gaming moments.

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rataranian2919d ago mac support, no hdmi, and it can't cap older consoles either? wtf is it good for?

hellerphant2919d ago

For those who want an easy to use device for a cheap price. HDMI support is negligible considering the Wii is component only anyway.

If you want to capture HDMI or older consoles, they wou better be willing to spend more cash. For the price and the functionality of the device and software, it's hard to beat.

fooxy2919d ago

What a shitty review they didn't even mentioned full specifications u can cap video in...