LA Noire - proof our ratings system is broken

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We've been playing a lot of LA Noire, and it's good... but it's level of violent detail and challenging social mores deserve more than an MA15 rating.

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Tommykrem2922d ago

Proof that the Australian rating system is broken, if I may point that out. Close to harmless games like FFXIII and Motorstorm: Pacfic Rift getting 16+ is proof of PEGI being broken too. Not the only proof either.

floetry1012922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I agree with this, more so than most games. L.A. Noire, like Heavy Rain, is intended for an adult audience. As such they should come under the R18+ rating in Australia. These games aren't "mature" in the traditional sense, but are mature because the themes are adult related.

I'm hoping more games like this are released to prove to naysayer's that games like L.A. Noire can be appreciated by many who don't even play games above the age of 18. It's a testament to many developers now that are pushing out well-paced, nuanced, thematic games instead of appealing to every childish sensibility of extreme violence that 'Fox News' associates with. L.A. Noire is untouchable.

Quagmire2922d ago

I found an Aussie store which was selling, and even ADVERTISING Mortal Kombat. Not sure how it was possible, but found it quite funny.

xtremexx2922d ago

its 18 in the UK, dont know why its different everwhere else, since the game is quite violent

CoD5112922d ago

It's definitely a game with mature themes, our rating system is quite broken. Granting inappropriate games to younger people yet denying adults the freedom to play any game they want.