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"If you were expecting Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption dressed in police uniform, then I'm sorry to disappoint you. LA Noire is far removed from its Rockstar stablemates."

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TBM3720d ago

I wasn't expecting this game to be like either of those two because its not made by rockstar, but Team Bondi rockstar were just publishers with a little input into the game.

Im loving this game and im really glad it isn't like the other two games.

Headquarters113720d ago

Still too high. This game deserves no higher than a 7.5. Clues and interrogation get old QUICK.

Characters, facial animation are on point, but Story is meh.....

LA noire just isn't that good.

fluffydelusions3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I see what you are saying but I think 7.5 is a bit harsh. The game does bring new stuff to the table and pulls it off which is a pretty risky move. I understand the repetitiveness a lot of reviewers are talking about and it's true but overall it's still a solid game. If the game had more cases similar to the one where you actually had to go around piecing together the letter and finding locations I think it would have made for less repetitive game play.

Headquarters113720d ago

GT review said it best. "If it werent for the facial animations LA noire would be half the game it is." Somewhere along the lines of that. Thats exactly what LA noire is.... Once you get over how stunning the facial animations are, it's just an OK game.

There is no mission variety, who really wants to spend a good 80 percent of the game looking for clues and interrogating suspects with little to no ACTUAL gameplay?

Pillville3720d ago

Looking for clues and interrogating suspects is ACTUAL gameplay. Just because you're not involved in "action" doesn't mean there's no "gameplay".

If you've played other investigation type games like Heavy Rain, Phoenix Wright, Hotel Dusk, etc.. you'd realize that's how detective games work.

If you just want to shoot stuff, play one of the hundreds of shooters that have been released.

BeastlyRig3720d ago

Why do we need reviewers? or anything besides customer reviews?

fluffydelusions3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I purchase many games based on reviews. If a lot of reviewers are saying a game is crap I do not want to waste $60 on it. At the very worst I'll just wait for a price drop. BTW, as a whole, do you think customer reviews would be any better? Don't forget you'd have to factor in ALL customers e.g. little kids, fanboys etc.

kneon3720d ago

We need honest reviews, regardless of where they come from. Too many reviewers, both professional and amateur give a free pass to games from certain developers/publishers, overlooking issues that they would readily point out if the game came from somewhere else or was on another platform.

Killzone3___3720d ago

i dont care about reviews , the reviewers are sucks , they are always wrong for me , look how they play in the videos , they are suck, i don't play like that, i try to make the game exciting ..

anyway , i have a bad feeling about this game but people say it's amazing , i really don't know ifit's good or not , each say something different...

iistuii3720d ago

Say is in our house we have both versions of the game and in both the framerate is pretty poor. It has a lot of bugs also and it's a shame as it's pretty good. In some gameplay moments it drops so low it's chugging and it's being patched daily. I've had cars appear inside houses and artifacting galore. It's not on really.