Microsoft's Five Biggest E3 2011 Titles writes, "E3 is only two weeks away. That’s right, two weeks. As the rumors start swirling in a full-blown tornado, speculation will be at an all-time high for what titles are set to be revealed at the expo this year for each company. Today, we’re examining what we feel Microsoft has to unveil or show at the expo in order to ensure they have a successful conference.

The titles that we’re listing below are both announced and unannounced, being ones that we feel are “must shows” for Microsoft. Continue reading below to see what we feel are the five most important titles for Microsoft to announce, detail, and present to the public."

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Warprincess1162925d ago ShowReplies(4)
NYC_Gamer2925d ago

i hope kingdoms is not some kinect title

darkknight09962924d ago

it can not be true

Masta_fro2924d ago

Aside from kingdoms, that list is complete poo.

TheREAL-HyDRo1x2924d ago

don't forget MW3 Microsoft's biggest reveal which just so happens to be multiplatform!

AAACE52924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I still can't believe that some people think every game will be a Kinect game! It's true MS will focus on Kinect games, but that is because it just launched and hasn't had many games released for it! They announced some games in development for it, and people go nuts thinking everything will be about Kinect!

They already have core gamers on 360 in case you forgot! Now that the Kinect launch is out of the way, we can move forward. There will be core games on 360 and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I know MS has made some bad decisions in the past, but if they did abandon the core audience, it would be the end of them.

Besides, most people buy multiplats anyway! Look at your collection... you should have more multiplats than exclusives on any system. Unless you do like I used to and others currently do and feel like for some reason every exclusive is somehow a good game!

And I hate to be the one who says it, but fighting games are on life support! They are trying everything in the world to keep them alive even mixing games that shouldn't be mixed like Street Fighter vs Tekken!

So, I would forget about Killer instinct 3! Rare doesn't even have it listed on their website with the other games that say info coming soon. A fighting game that is exclusive to a console is a BIG risk!

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Zydake2925d ago

Lawdy lawd lets hope.

Agent_S2924d ago

That would be devastating. I think we all have high hardcore hopes for this one.

LocO_o2924d ago

Kindom is a Hybraid game that will use the 360 controller and the Kinect camera.

Its the first game that will attempt to do this.

jaysquared2924d ago

Hopefully they announce halo wars 2!!

OhMyGandhi2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

as a 360 owner, I gotta say: this list is embarrassing.
thank god I have both a ps3 and 360 though.
I just hope they don't lean 100 percent towards kinect and abandon their core audience like Nintendo,

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ZILLA2925d ago ShowReplies(1)
Rybakov2925d ago

Alan Wake 2
Halo 1 and 2 remake (prolly)
Gears 4 since 3 is nearly out now
kinect stuff
prolly a new ip

Jaces2925d ago

I only saw one game that's worth anybodies time.

My interest is peaked over Kingdoms, show me something guys.

Tony P2925d ago

I've still got a bone to pick with MS at E3 for last year's Kinectfest. It's safer to go in pessimistic and hope to be surprised pleasantly.

chrisgay2924d ago

They could pull a 2010 Nintendo- now that was a conference, perfect balance of everything. My eyes are on Nintendo again.

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