We've Never Had It Better

The Newb Review's Luke Mears writes to tell us why this generation of consoles is the best yet.

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rabidpancakeburglar2919d ago

There is no doubting that this generation is the best but for nostalgias sake there will always be people who disagree

mightyles2919d ago

I think you're right there. There's no denying that those older consoles were great in their day, but nothing compares to what we have now.

This article was inspired by a guy in a pub ranting and raving about how crap games are these days, and how nothing compares to how games used to be when he was a kid.

Menech2919d ago

I still think the PS2 has the best games library.

Although it's hard to argue the hardware is certainly better this gen, and services like Live and PSN have connected games and the gaming community in a great way.

iamnsuperman2919d ago

One thing that has ruined this generation for me which I mention below is patching. We are in the generation of "O we will patch it later". I buy a game I expect it to be finished. I am like a paying tester. I know it can be fixed but should it be really that easy and forgiving

gaden_malak2919d ago

"This article was inspired by a guy in a pub ranting and raving about how crap games are these days, and how nothing compares to how games used to be when he was a kid."

Lol in a pub? That must have been a site to behold.

kyl2772919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I disagree, I would say that the PS1/PS2 gens were much better. I don't have a single game that blew me away on consoles this gen unlike back in the PS1/PS2 days where games like XIII and MGS3 utterly engrossed me. I beat MGS3 about 12-15 times and have beat UC1 3 times and MGS4 about, say... 5-6 times which isn't a lot when you can beat MGS4 in 5 hours or less.

This isn't about nostalgia. This gen is also host to devs getting lazier due to the fact games can be patches after launch which means many are riddled with bugs because they know they can get away with it.

Lekumkee2919d ago

This generation is sorely lacking in the JRPG department. Where's the Persona and Suikoden for this generation? No breath of Fire no great tactics simulator. It's like this generation forgot about those type of games.

stealth500k2919d ago

This gen is sorely lacking in mostly everything but shooters...............

And your obviously ignoring the portables. And even if you arent theres more jrpgs on consoles than most genres ( minus shooters, action)

stealth500k2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Theres a lack of originality, diversity, quantity this gen.

1) snes gen
2) ps2 gen
3) psx and n64 gen
4) this current gen

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Tripl3seis2919d ago

this gen is been great a lot of amazing games but back then games were more challenging then the ones today but of curse thats my opinion.

mightyles2919d ago

Do you think that there might be a certain factor that games just seemed harder back then becuase we were new to them?

Obviously some games that were hard then still are hard now, and games these days do go the extra mile to teach you how to play the game and ease you in to it.

And then you have Demons' Souls... :)

Solidus187-SCMilk2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I had a PS1, N64, PC and DC back before PS2 gen started. The games that came out between 1995 and 2001 were some of the best. 3d games were hot [email protected] back then. Think about the games that came out for these systems during that period and how much games changed back then from 2d to 3d.

I have a 360, PS3 and PC now and they are great but those systems above had some of the best games of all time, more then this gen IMO. That was really a time of evolution of games. It is not so much an evolution of games this gen, more like evolution of hardware because the systems do far more than play games now. Games wise tho, I think 1995-2001 was the best years of gaming for me.

edit- I know DC is in PS2 gen but I consider it in the n64/ps1 gen because thats when I played it the most. Lots of ps1/n64 games had better DC versions too.

Megaton2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I love paying for things that used to be unlocked with cheat codes. The patching too, I love the patching. Since consoles are all online now, devs can freely release betas as retail copies and patch up their mistakes later. Best gen ever.

I think for most people who think this is the best gen, it's also their first gen.

iamnsuperman2919d ago

I think this patching has had a negative impact as well as a positive. Games are rushed and a large majority have bugs from the get go. Yes they can be patched but more recently the who "o we can patch it later" attitude is getting worst. In RDR I found sometimes textures never loaded and other games like Far Cry 2 a bug could possibly stop you playing the game. I miss the old days where a game was finished when released. It is like they have stopped caring to look and we are their testers now buying faulty products which I know can be fixed eventually but come on it is getting silly. This bad attitude has made it on to DLC as well. Look at AC2 2 level were DLC were meant to be missions in the final product.

nopunctuation2919d ago

You are saying because of patches games are bad? MAybe you are the one who is too young to remember last generation. If a game had freezing issues or texture loading issues it STAYED that way. There were no patches to fix it. The only way to fix it was to wait for an improved version of the game to come out and buy it. Does that seem more efficient to you? Even the best game have minor bugs in them but at least we have ways to fix them pretty fast now and with no cost to you at all.

iamnsuperman2919d ago

You have missed my point. The companies rely to much on us to be their tester that more and more games come out with problems. I like it can be fixed easier than last generation but the developers are even trying to get it fixed. The know we find the problem then they can fix it later. It is a good and also a bad thing of this generation and that is my point.

Baka-akaB2919d ago

that logic is swell and all , but in the end we could always expect , at least from the most talented studios , tremendeous work and bug hunts .

Now even they can relax wich is not a entirely good thing . How often have we seen a game released this gen with a save related cripling bug ? Not that much

How often now ? easily 2-4x more often .
So they fix it .. great , what of the remaining numerous bugs they let pass them by ?

And how long do you think they'll keep patching a game , if without a mp or big dlc component ? Not really that long .

It's is so far only efficient on the paper , but in our gaming habits .. more bugs keeps popping out .

Megaton2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Can't say that I remember too many retail games from past generations that crashed frequently or had fatal bugs. Those things typically got ironed out before they launched because -wait for it- they couldn't use patching as a crutch.

I've got friends who test and they're constantly being told that their bug reports were rejected as either "will not fix" or "patch later".

nopunctuation2919d ago

There has been a lot of competition that has spurred consoles to be the best they can be. What consoles can do these days is miles ahead of what we had last generation. Even with all the mistakes made there has been customer service to compensate us that is unequaled in other fields of entertainment. Id say for sure this is the best generation there has ever been. IF you still think that super nintendo is the greatest console of all time then you should try turning it on again and see how long that calculator holds your attention. Nostalgia is great but it can easily blind you and make you think that what we had in the past was somehow better than what we have now. What wehave now is the pinnacle of gaming.

Baka-akaB2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Not entirely true for various reasons .

You wanna pin it on nostalgia ? But there are genres that feel out of grace or definitively show less variety . And others actually still popular but streamlined to a great extent with less variety amist it .

Not to mention quite a few known franchises still currently missing and without any appeareances yet on home consoles , without necessarily being replaced by such a bigger influx of new ips .

Some exagerate by claiming this gen is not good ... it is still good , hell still great even ...

But you are guilty or the same by lumping complaints into some paranoid nostalgia

Louis_Guzman2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Lol! The pinnacle of gaming is now? Man, I just about lost my iced tea beverage here with that one. Sure if you dig braindead fps dreck and glitch-ridden, game breaking crashes courtesy of Bethesda's Wrpgs. This gen of gaming is an absolute joke. Below: Problems in previous gens didn't include my games crashing or frame rates becoming so low that I had to erase my save file and start fresh (Fallout 3 Goty) or paying for stuff that could be unlock via cheat codes or by game completion. As for the garbage ratio this gen vs prior gens: Wii shovelware, need I say more? The 360 and Ps3 have their share of garbage as well. Claiming that this gen is some kind of godhead to gaming is pretty damn naive in my view and shows a total ignorance of what previous gens ushered in, especially in terms of advancements for gamings foundation.

nopunctuation2919d ago

I guess youre entitled to an opinion but if you think those werent problems in previous generation then you are pretty naive. For every Ocarania of Time and Mario Bros there were about 100 games that werent woth the box they came in. Sure that problem hasnt gone way this generation but the ratio is a lot lower. Maybe istead of one in every 100 its about one in every 50. Thats the other thing nostalgia does. You only remember the best stuff and forget about the crap that existed in the past. Thus you end up with a skewed view of the past.

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